Taxi prices hit their all-time high

For the first time in ten years, taxi prices approached 33 rubles per kilometer.

Taxi prices reached their all-time high

Prices for taxis hit their all-time high

According to information published by RBC, the cost of taxi rides has reached its highest level in the last ten years. In June, the price per kilometer was 32.53 rubles.

The rise in prices for cars and services caused by sanctions is one of the reasons for such a rise in prices, a spokesman for the Maxim taxi service explained. Pavel Stennikov.

Citymobil representative forecasts that taxi prices could continue to rise and increase by up to 30 percent. This is due to the introduction of the taxi law, which obliges drivers to have OSAGO insurance for taxi fares, which is much more expensive than standard car insurance.

The conditions used in the legislation or a drop in car prices can lead to lower prices for taxi services, but so far this prospect is not foreseen.

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