Tarasov ran away from his wife abroad

Rumors about the separation of the star couple appeared on the Web.

Tarasov ran away from his wife abroad

Tarasov ran away from his wife abroad

Judging by the publication on the Web, there are suspicions that Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko hide problems in their relationship, despite that they constantly show a happy picture of their marriage. Recently, information appeared that Kostenko left for her hometown without Tarasov, while the football player spends time at parties with friends.

Rapper T-Killah published footage from a party in Cyprus, where Tarasov was also. However, Tarasov himself did not talk about the trip on his social media page. Because of this, he faced criticism from followers who were outraged why he did not take his wife with him on vacation, especially for such an event. Speculation was made about the possible separation of the couple and comments that Tarasov looks good without his wife.

However, neither Tarasov nor Kostenko commented on these rumors.

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