Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

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The pearl of Scandinavia, the main treasure of Northern Europe – this is how fabulous Stockholm is called. The city is located on fourteen green islands washed by the waters of the Baltic Sea, so you can hear the joke from the locals that Stockholm is half water, half green. The sights of Stockholm are a special topic, because the history of the city goes back almost 8 centuries, and during this time the city has become a real treasure trove, where ancient museums and galleries, churches and palaces alternate with flowering parks and cobbled squares. The picturesque city of Scandinavia, the birthplace of great scientists and fairy-tale characters Astrid Lindgren finds her guest, and everyone knows in advance for what purpose he is going to the city and what to see in Stockholm.

What to see in Stockholm first of all

It seems that it is impossible to get around all the monuments of antiquity and modernity in Stockholm even in a few trips – the countless treasures of the Swedish capital are so numerous. In fact, most of the objects are located relatively close to each other, and even choosing what to visit in Stockholm in 1 day, you can make a very rich excursion plan. It remains only to choose the best in the city – for this purpose, the top 30 most interesting places in Stockholm have been compiled.

1. Globen Arena

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Globen Arena – sports stadium in Stockholm kallerna

The sports stadium of the city, which is designed in an original spherical shape, is one of the buildings of the Swedish Solar System project. The essence of this plan is that spherical structures are erected throughout the country, depicting the planets of our solar system. The Globe Arena symbolizes the sun. In addition to sports, various concerts and other large-scale events are held in this building. The dimensions of the structure are impressive – the diameter is 110 meters, and you can even climb to its 85-meter height on a special funicular.

2. Skansen Ethnographic Museum

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Skansen Ethnographic Museum under open air on Djurgården Island in Stockholm Albertyanks

It is hard to imagine that visiting only one exposition in Stockholm is enough to form an idea about all of Sweden at once, about its history and customs of the people. To do this, it is worth walking through the territories of the Skansen ethnographic museum, which is a large-scale open-air exposition that reflects the essence of Sweden in miniature. Buildings and buildings from different eras are brought to the museum's spacious area from different parts of the country – in total, the exposition presents one and a half hundred houses, farms and estates from different parts of Sweden.

Official website: http://www.skansen.

3. Gröna Lund Amusement Park

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Tivoli Amusement Park Gröna Lund on the coast of Djurgården Island in Stockholm trolvag

One of the oldest amusement parks is still very popular among both citizens and guests of the city. It is located right on the coast of the Djurgården peninsula and is over 130 years old. In those years, a German entrepreneur rented a site for the park, where he installed the first rides. Today, in addition to traditional attractions, such as carousels, a fun room or roller coasters, there are modern Scandinavian-themed entertainments – the “House of Ghosts” with trolls and other otherworldly creatures, a tower that simulates a free fall, or a “Viking Ship”, imitating rolling on the sea waves.

Official website:

4. Old Town – Gamla Stan

Stockholm attractions: Top 30

Old Town – Gamla Stan – the historical center of Stockholm on the island of Stadsholmen

The historic heart of the city of Gamla Stan is a real treasure trove of the best attractions in Stockholm. This is a favorite area of ​​the city, which beckons with centuries-old historical secrets, cobbled medieval streets and colorful old houses. It was here that the first fortress was founded in the 13th century, from which the glorious history of the Swedish capital began. From the 14th century, for about 3 centuries, Stockholm was an important center of trade, and many structures were erected here that have survived to this day. Most of them belong to the construction period of the 15th-18th centuries, among them the most famous Royal Palace, the central square of Stortorget and the Great Church.

Official website: http://www. stockholmgamlastan

5. Vasa Museum

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

View of Gustav Vasa Ship Museum on Djurgården Island Jll

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

The Vasa ship is the only surviving sailing ship of the early 17th century in the world Vadim Tolbatov

Vasa is not only one of the most visited museums in the country, it is a real ship of the 17th century, which, when first launched, almost immediately sank without maintaining stability. The wreck of the ship was an example of unreasonable leadership – King Gustav ordered to equip his offspring with large-scale weapons, the impressive weight of which had a fatal effect on the fate of the ship and its crew. As soon as the “Vasa” began to go out of their bays into the open space, the very first gust of wind tilted it so that it immediately began to roll over on its side and rapidly sink. The sunken ship lay at the bottom until 1961, when it was decided to turn it into a museum.

Official website: https://www.vasamuseet

Check out the beautiful places in Stockholm in this wonderful video!

6. Statue of a Boy Looking at the Moon

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Statue of Boy Looking at the Moon or Iron Boy in Stockholm Old Town Raphael Saulus

This tiny landmark in Stockholm is considered the smallest monument in the country. The sitter for this sculpture was the sculptor Liss Eriksson, who embodied his own childhood memories in his creation. As a little boy, on sleepless nights, he liked to sit for a long time, looking at the moon. So there was a 15-centimeter statue of a boy, created from iron and sandstone. The townspeople and tourists even came up with a cute custom – to make small clothes for the boy, hats and scarves, and “wrap” him in cold winter times. Some, bringing a new outfit, take the old clothes as a keepsake.

7. Royal Palace

Stockholm attractions: Top 30

Panorama of the Royal Palace from the Great Church Tower Grishasergei

This ancient building of the 18th century is the residence of the Swedish royal family to this day. In these apartments, the King of Sweden solves state tasks and holds important official receptions at a high level. At the same time, the doors of the palace are also open to numerous visitors – after all, in addition to the royal chambers, there are a lot of other rooms on the territory of the palace – halls skillfully decorated in the rococo style, which reflect the strength and luxury of the Swedish state. The Three Crowns Museum, located in the palace, presents relics of the great Swedish monarchs and historical details of the construction of the palace.

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Official website: https://www.kungligaslotten.

8. Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

The monumental building of the city hall made of dark brick on the spit of Kungsholm Island Mispahn

When choosing where to go in Stockholm, you should pay attention to one of the symbolic buildings of the city – this is the Stockholm City Hall. The age of the town hall has already crossed the century boundary – it appeared at the beginning of the last century, and the future architect of the building was determined as a result of a competition for the best project. Construction lasted more than 10 years, the construction of a large-scale architectural project took several million red bricks. From the moment of opening to the present day, the town hall has been a venue for ceremonial receptions, official meetings, political negotiations, banquets dedicated to the Nobel Prize, and other high-level events.

9. Drottningholm

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Fountain and sculptures in the park in front of Drottningholm Palace on Louvön Island

Stockholm attractions: Top 30

Luxurious interior of Drottningholm Palace Richard Mortel


The permanent residence of the royal family is Drottningholm Castle, located on the island of Louvain, surrounded by the waters of Lake Mälaren. Despite its role as a residence, today this castle is open to the public. The palace was built back in the 17th century on the site of a burned-out castle in which the Swedish queen lived, hence the name of the new palace, which means “island of the queen.” Drottningholm does not correspond to the ideas of medieval castles with thick walls and observation towers, because there was no such need for this – the waters of the lake have always been a natural obstacle to the enemy. The palace is surrounded by a beautiful park with a Chinese garden and a theater.

Official website: https://www.kungligaslotten

10. Swedish Parliament Building

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

The facade of the Riksdag building on the island of Helgeandsholmen in the Gamla Stan area in Stockholm

Making a tour in the central part of the city, guides in Stockholm do not ignore the important political building, which houses the Swedish Parliament. The neoclassical parliament building was erected at the beginning of the last century. Its majestic façade has two wings decorated with Corinthian columns, and above the central entrance is an impressive stucco composition in the form of the country's coat of arms. The parliament itself sits in one of the many rooms, where access is open to everyone. In another part of the building there is a gallery with canvases, sculptures and other artistic creations.

Official website: http://www.riksdagen.

11. Square Stortorget

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Historic buildings on Stortorget square in the Gamla Stan area Mstyslav Chernov

In the heart of the Old Town is the oldest square – Stortorget, which was the main meeting place in the Middle Ages. One of the parts of the square – the western one – has retained its original architectural appearance and its special, sometimes frightening, history to this day. For example, few people know that the white stones embedded in the facade of the red house of Councilor Shants symbolize the memory of 92 Swedes who were executed on the square as a result of the events of the “bloodbath”. The 18th century Stock Exchange building today houses the Nobel Museum, dedicated to the work of hundreds of famous people. A visit to the central square is a must for almost any excursion in Stockholm.

12. Drottninggatan Street

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Drottninggatan Street – Stockholm's main pedestrian and shopping street I99pema

This is the main pedestrian street of the city, twinkling with strings of lights from shiny shop windows. An endless chain of shops stretches along the entire street, and most of those who come here have the ultimate goal not to buy, but simply to get acquainted with the variety of goods presented or relax in one of the many cafes. In the shops you can get souvenirs, branded items, antiques, vinyl discs and many more exclusive gizmos. You can finish your walk with a rest in the cozy Observatorylanden park, located nearby.

13. St. Nicholas Church

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Eastern facade of the Church of St. Nicholas overlooking the Royal Square Jürgen Howaldt

Another attraction of the old city is the oldest church of St. Nicholas, dating back to the 13th century. The Cathedral is the main shrine of the city, where the coronation of Swedish monarchs took place since the 15th century, as well as other solemn events – christenings, weddings and funerals of Swedish kings and their families. The neo-Gothic interior of the cathedral is rich, its walls are decorated with world masterpieces of art, including a sculpture of St. George fighting a dragon, a silver altar with sculptures of Jesus Christ and various saints, as well as two paintings by Swedish painters.

Official website: https://www.svenskakyrkan

14. St. Clare's Church

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

St. Clare's Lutheran Church in Norrmalm

It is recommended to include another historical monument in a trip to Stockholm shrines – the Church of St. Clara, the tallest building in Stockholm, whose Gothic spire rises noticeably above other buildings, as if piercing the sky. The 116-meter building began to be built back in the 16th century on the site of the former destroyed monastery, and the church was consecrated in honor of Clara of Assisi, the founder of the Clarissinian order. The interior design of the church is distinguished by a special solemnity, with a predominance of white colors and gilding, stained glass windows, a carved pulpit and a marble floor. Another important attraction of the temple is an ancient organ.

15. German Church

Stockholm attractions: Top 30

Inside the German Church in the former building of the German trade guild

The need to build a German church appeared in the 14th century, when craftsmen, merchants and other people from different cities of Germany settled in Stockholm. Over time, a parish was formed, and later the Church of St. Gertrude of Nivelles, or simply German, was founded in the building of the German Trade Guild. After that, the church underwent reconstruction several times, but to this day excellent wine cellars that once belonged to the guild have been preserved in the building. A whole galaxy of famous artists and architects participated in the external and internal design of the church, being an example of the close interweaving of the cultural heritage of different nations.

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16. Riddarholmen Church

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Royal Church on the Island Riddarholmen in Stockholm Albabos

Stockholm was born on the island of Riddarholmen during the Middle Ages, so this island is full of historical buildings, including the church of Riddarholmen. This is one of the oldest buildings in the city and the only monastery church that has survived in Stockholm. Once in the buildings of the church there was a monastery of Protestants. For many centuries, Swedish monarchs were buried here, the first of which was buried in 1290, and the last in 1950. The church was built in the Gothic style, it is crowned with long Gothic spiers, looking up. The main openwork spire of the church was installed in the 19th century on the site of an old one that burned down from a lightning strike.

Official website: https://www.kungligaslotten

17. Vadsten Abbey

 Sights of Stockholm: Top 30This religious building is visited even by tourists who are far from faith - the abbey building, founded in the 14th century, served as a monastery for many years. The medieval spirit still hovers in the monastery complex, and many pilgrims come here to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, because the abbey is located in a very picturesque place, surrounded by Lake Vättern. Some people stay here to live forever - such a strong impression is made on people by visiting this amazing place. On the territory of the abbey there is a good boarding house, and a restaurant, and a shop of unique gizmos created by the hands of the nuns themselves.</p>
<p> <em>Official website:</em> http://birgittaskloster.</p>
<h3 > 18. Vodka Museum</h3>
<p><img decoding=

Alcohol Museum on Djurgården Island in Stockholm Holger.Ellgaard

In Stockholm, against the backdrop of a myriad of historical attractions, there is a place for new objects that are rapidly gaining popularity. So, in the heart of the city, just a couple of minutes from the Royal Palace, there is an old building of a wine warehouse, which houses the Museum of Alcohol. The exposition of the unusual museum includes more than five hundred bottles of vodka from manufacturers from different countries, as well as a variety of literature and photographs that tell about the history of the drink. The museum has a shop offering a large selection of vodka of different varieties, including the most exclusive ones, as well as a variety of themed souvenirs.

Official website: https://spritmuseum.

19. Museums of the Royal Palace

Stockholm attractions: Top 30

The Royal Palace with numerous museums in Stockholm Jorge Láscar

The residence of the Swedish kings has a rich cultural heritage in the form of museums located in the spacious halls of the palace. In total, more than six hundred halls are occupied by museum expositions – it remains only to imagine how extensive the collections of these museums are. In total, there are four museums of different directions in the Royal Palace: the Treasury stores the regalia of royal power, the clothes of monarchs, military armor and weapons are stored in the Armory, the Museum of Antiquity provides an overview of Roman antique sculptures, and the Three Crowns Museum has documents testifying to the history of the construction of the old castle, on the ruins of which the Royal Palace was erected.

Official website: https://www.royalpalaces

20. Royal Opera

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

The main Swedish opera and ballet theater on the east side of Gustav-Adolf-torg in Stockholm

The main opera stage in Sweden is the Royal Opera, located in the center of the capital. Initially, the court theater was founded on this site by the Swedish king in 1782, which lasted only a hundred years. On the site of the demolished building, in 7 years a new one was erected, in the neoclassical style, which was originally called the Royal Theater, and later simply the Opera. The interior of the Opera is distinguished by rich decoration, the baroque hall is designed for 1200 seats. Today, the theater's repertoire includes ballets and operas performed by Swedish and foreign troupes. The Opera also has its own symphony orchestra.

Official website: https://www.operan

21. National Museum of Sweden

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

National Museum of Sweden on the island of Blasiholmen in Stockholm Peter Haas

In terms of national art, one of the main attractions of Sweden is the National Museum of Sweden – the largest art gallery in the country. The huge exposition of the museum presents about 16 thousand artistic compositions and about 30 thousand exhibits of arts and crafts. And some special works glorified the museum, providing it with world fame, among such creations – a fragment of the largest painting by Rembrandt, which tells the story of the Batavians, who became the ancestor of the Dutch nation. In addition to its exposition, the National Museum is also interesting from an architectural point of view, since it looks very much like a castle.

Official website: https://www.nationalmuseum

< h3> 22. Stockholm City Museum

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Stockholm City Museum on Russian Compound Square Holger.Ellgaard

On the Stockholm square with the interesting name “Russian Compound” there is the City Museum, the expositions of which will help in mastering the history of the capital, from the moment of the first documentary mentions. The wide coverage of each historical event allows you to delve into the history of the city as much as possible, starting from the 13th century. There are also expositions dedicated to the modern development of the city – for example, here you can see examples of scientific achievements, wallpaper samples, examples of furniture design in a modern interior, and much more. The museum building itself has a remarkable history – in different periods it housed a church, a laundry, a school, a tavern, and even a prison and a court.

Official website: https://stadsmuseet< /p>

23. Museum of Modern Art

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Museum of Modern Art on the island of Skeppsholmen in the center of Stockholm Holger.Ellgaard

According to reviews, some exhibits related to contemporary art have an unusual theme, which can be very original and even incomprehensible to fans of the old school. Such creations can be found in the Museum of Modern Art. Today, the museum has one of the largest collections of sculpture and painting of the 20th century – about a hundred thousand exhibits in total. The collection of works from Russian constructivists is widely disclosed, and temporary exhibitions also attract attention. After the reconstruction, the Museum of Architecture also appeared in the museum building. For more convenience, for some time now, a cozy restaurant at the museum, a workshop and a souvenir shop have become available to visitors.

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Official website: https://www.modernamuseet

24. Nobel Museum

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Entrance to the Nobel Museum in the Stock Exchange building in the Old Town of Benreis

This museum is dedicated to the life and work of an outstanding Swedish scientist. A trip to the Nobel Museum will be remembered for interactive rooms where you can conduct a number of interesting experiments, and portraits of Nobel laureates that do not hang on the walls, but move on special hangers, like clothes in a dressing room. In total, more than eight hundred laureates are represented here, and the films continuously broadcast in the museum allow you to literally look into the thoughts of each of the laureates and go with them into the world of amazing discoveries. One of the halls of the museum is designed for young visitors, where many important scientific discoveries are presented in a playful way.

Official website: http://nobelcenter

25. Tom Titus Experiment Museum

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

The Tom Titus Museum is a large complex with many Holger.Ellgaard experiments

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Experimental exhibit in the large park of the Tom Titus Experimental Museum Holger.Ellgaard

Stockholm, which has a long history, at the same time, is a city of the latest scientific achievements. The versatility of the Swedish capital is especially vividly reflected in the Museum of Experiments by Tom Tit, which is a vivid example of the combination of modern technology and timeless traditions. The unique museum, which was originally aimed at a young audience, eventually attracted the attention of adult visitors due to the fact that an educational excursion here can be combined with outdoor activities, participation in laboratory experiments and interesting competitions. In total, the museum presents about six hundred

layout-exhibits designed to quench the thirst for new knowledge in adults and children from 2 years old.

Official website: https://www.tomtit.

Sights of Stockholm: what else to visit in Stockholm?

There are no boundaries in the traveler's desire to see the real Stockholm. Even having studied the main sights of Stockholm briefly, an interested guest again and again strives to return to this region in order to discover new facets of the Swedish city. Those who are thirsty for new discoveries will always find something else to visit – for the most inquisitive, other sights of Stockholm are presented, photos with names and descriptions of which are given in the article.

26. Junibacken Museum

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Junibacken Museum in the center of Stockholm on the island of Djurgården trolvag

Junibacken, which also bears the name of the Astrid Lindgren Museum, refutes the standard ideas about the museum, in its classical sense. The museum, which has become a real home for the heroes of Swedish fairy tales, does not have boring “do not touch” signs, limiting barriers and ribbons. Young visitors can safely run around the halls of the museum, where any of the exhibits and decorations can be touched, examined, completely immersed in the plot of their favorite fairy tale. In addition, Junibacken has one of the largest children's theater stages in the country, where theatrical performances are held daily.

27. ABBA Museum

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Museum dedicated to the work of the famous Swedish pop group “Abba” I99pema

The following recommendations refer to one of the newest museums in Stockholm, dedicated to the creative work of the famous musical quartet ABBA. The aim of the museum was to make the guest feel like a member of a group or just a pop star, for this several technologies have been implemented here. For example, in the studio booth, you can record a song yourself or perform on stage along with full-size images of the ABBA band. There is a stand dedicated to the triumph of the Swedish four at Eurovision, as well as a recreated copy of the country house where many of the band's hits were born.

Official website: http://www.abbathemuseum

28. Kulturhuset

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Kulturhuset Cultural Center in Stockholm Holger.Ellgaard

This largest cultural and exhibition center is the national pride of Sweden. On an area of ​​about 10 thousand sq.m. thousands of cultural events are held a year – these are art expositions, festivals, performances, discussions, conferences and other events of the cultural life of the capital. The complex has a theater studio, a cinema, a library, an exhibition gallery, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. One of the important directions of the center is the opening of a cultural space for migrants in order to adapt them in the country. Visitors who want to develop new abilities will appreciate master classes dedicated to various creative disciplines.

Official website:http://www.kulturhuset.

29. Kaknes TV Tower

Stockholm attractions: Top 30

View of the Kaknes TV tower from Djurgården island in Stockholm

This is the tallest TV tower in Northern Europe and Scandinavia – it reaches a height of 155 meters and is the country's largest broadcasting center. During an excursion to the TV tower, you can visit a number of objects located here: two observation platforms, the highest of which is located at an altitude of about 130 meters, a gourmet restaurant at a 120-meter mark, a cafe-bar with beautiful city panoramas and a souvenir shop. The location of the TV tower on the territory of the ecological park makes visiting it even more attractive – immediately after the tour, you can go for a walk along the shady alleys of the green park.

Official website:https://www.kaknastornet

30. Kungstradgården Park

Stockholm Attractions: Top 30

Japanese cherry blossoms (sakura) in Kungstradgården park in the center of Stockholm Arild Vågen

The rating is completed by Kungstradgorden, also known as Sakura Park – one of the most beautiful and cozy places in the Swedish capital. The long history of the park dates back to the 15th century, when in official documents it was still listed as a “big garden”, from which food was supplied to the royal table. Over the years, the garden was transformed into a picturesque park in the Baroque style, and over time it was expanded and was transferred to the city administration. There are many places for recreation and walks in the park and its environs – these are open restaurants, picturesque fountains, souvenir shops, performance venues and an art gallery.

Official website:

The capital of Sweden, sparkling with northern beauty, attracts with exquisite architecture, centuries-old sights, a large selection of upscale hotels in Stockholm and beautiful nature. The birthplace of the famous Swedish quartet ABBA and Carlson, the city of the famous Nobel discoveries and aeronautics wins the hearts of all guests of the capital without exception. To get the most out of your trip, it is enough to plan your trip in advance and seek the help of a professional guide.


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