State Duma deputy from KVN wants to code Russian tourists

ATOR warns that tourists themselves will pay for everything

State Duma deputy from KVN wants to code Russian tourists

State Duma deputy from KVN wants to encode Russian tourists ; told the “Parliamentary newspaper” about plans to “encode” Russian tourists.

Tarbaev represents the New People party in the State Duma. In the past, he was known as a player in the KVN team from RUDN University. According to him, from September 1, a unified information system of electronic vouchers with a QR code will start working in Russia. This is the requirement of the new law on tourism.

All information about Russian travelers and the tours they have purchased will be loaded into the system. Based on the results of data processing, the tourists themselves will be given a QR code with information about their trip: tour operator data, air tickets, route, tour dates, hotel addresses. To receive services, travelers will have to show this code.

According to Tarbaev, the purpose of the innovation is to protect tourists from fraudsters, make the travel market more transparent and establish control over it.

AT ATOR warn that the new rules will entail paperwork and additional costs for paperwork. As a result, vacationers themselves will pay for it, because. the price of tours will increase.

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