St. Petersburg spoke about the changes to the summer tourist season

About 600,000 tourists are expected to visit the city in May.

Changes for the summer tourist season were discussed in St. Petersburg< /p>

In St. Petersburg, they told about the changes for the summer tourist season

The Chairman of the City Tourism Development Committee commented on the situation: “We expect to meet about 600,000 tourists on the May weekend, especially on the weekend dedicated to Victory Day. The current tourist season is marked by the 320th anniversary of St. Petersburg and its election as the cultural capital of the CIS countries».

The city is ready for the start of the summer tourist season. A renovated pavilion of the Tourist Information Center was opened on the Palace Square.

During the opening ceremony of the pavilion, the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg said: “Last year we received about 8 million tourists and, I hope, this year we will increase their number. I am sure that we will restore the pre-pandemic number of visitors to St. Petersburg. It is very pleasant that a large number of people come to us, primarily from the regions of Russia, who fall in love with our city and plan repeated trips"

It is noted that with the opening of the pavilion, the mobile tourist information service has resumed its activities . Last year, more than 60 thousand tourists used the services of this service. During the summer season, the service staff can help interested tourists choose a route to attractions and answer questions about ongoing performances.

Traditionally, the new tourist season was opened by the Icebreaker Festival, the famous icebreakers were moored on the Lieutenant Schmidt embankment. Within three days, everyone can visit them.

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It is reported that all festive events dedicated to the opening of the tourist season will be held until May 1.

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