Sozopol in August: farewell to summer

A good summer vacation should be filled with many pleasant memories, vivid impressions and a sea aftertaste. In Bulgaria, it is not difficult to find a city that could give the tourist a combination of all the components of an ideal vacation. When choosing a resort for a summer holiday, you should pay attention to Sozopol — warm sea and hot sun will make you feel the summer in all its glory. Picturesque beaches will give travelers aesthetic pleasure from unforgettable colorful landscapes, and the generous cuisine of Bulgaria — new recipes for gourmets.

Sozopol in August: farewell to summer

Rest in Sozopol in August: time for idle laziness

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to find bad reviews about holidays in Sozopol in August . It is impossible to be dissatisfied in this city. Everything you need for a wonderful holiday is here. Sozopol in August is full of seductive advantages, providing it with a decent competitiveness on the coast of Bulgaria:

  • August — the driest, sunniest and warmest month of the year.
  • The water temperature in the sea reaches its maximum.
  • Large and loud festivals in early and late August will delight fans of such events.
  • < li>The city offers great budget options even during the high season.

A few points to consider when planning a trip during this time:

  • It is better for tourists with kids to wait until the beginning of the velvet season, when the sea is still warm and the solar activity subsides a bit.
  • Before the trip, you should stock up on sunscreen.
  • During the high season, Sozopol has the highest prices per year.
  • At this time, the maximum number of tourists arrive at the resort — you will have to forget about quiet rest.

Weather in Sozopol in August

Weather in August — September attracts tourists to the resort no less than in July. The sea warmed up to maximum temperatures — the beaches are filled with vacationers. The weather in early August is too hot for travelers with toddlers. It is better for family tourists to come to the city during the velvet season, when the heat subsides and the sea has not yet cooled down.

The temperature in Sozopol in mid-August makes the holidaymakers spend as much time as possible in the refreshing sea water. But here, too, you need to be careful — swimming, you can burn out even faster than in the open sun.

During this period, you should not abuse your time on the beach — it is best to visit it in the early morning and in the afternoon, actively covering your head with a hat and applying sunscreen to your skin.

The weather at the end of August becomes subtly milder. The heavenly body bakes not so mercilessly, but it is still hot in the street like in summer.

Air and water temperature

The dry climate of Sozopol does not affect the amount of lush greenery growing around. What is the local reserve Ropotamo with many plants from the Red Book — impregnated with moisture, iodine and salt, the local air is curative. The air temperature in Sozopol in August does not have such a detrimental effect on deciduous trees as it does in our country: the city's parks still delight with the fertile shade of green and juicy crowns, despite the lack of precipitation. Therefore, the air here is fresh, filled with oxygen, and even on the hottest day it is easy to breathe.

Air temperature in Sozopol in August

Average daily temperatures in Sozopol in August reach +29°30°C. Moreover, unlike June and July, at the beginning of the month they are higher than at the end: things are moving towards autumn. Therefore, with younger children, it is best to come to the resort closer to September. The average night temperature ranges from +18 °С to +19 °С — August nights are the warmest and most comfortable for walking under the starry sky and admiring the moonlit path on the sea surface.

Water temperature in Sozopol in August

The water temperature at this time reaches a maximum — warms up to + 25…26 °C. Therefore, lovers of splashing in warm water choose August for relaxation. This month there are many tourists with school-age children — although it is hot outside, everyone is trying to bring their child to splash in the sea before the onset of school days. With the first days of September, this noisy crowd will be replaced by parents with babies and pensioners.


August in Sozopol is the month with the least rainfall of the year. Although the average rainfall is reported as about 9 mm, in practice there may not be any at all this month. Occasionally, on one of the days closer to autumn, a light rain can drizzle for half an hour, to which vacationers do not even pay attention. Therefore, you should not be afraid to get wet and stock up on umbrellas this month.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

Clear sunny weather is worth 94% of the month, and cloudy and overcast account for 6% each. Although, as mentioned above, weather vagaries are not typical for August. Occasionally, a couple of clouds can curl up in the sky, which for some fractions of a minute hide the sun from the rest.

And then clear weather comes again. During this period of the year, it is better to take care of hats that will protect your head from the sun.

Sightseeing holidays

In addition to a beach holiday and visiting numerous cafes and restaurants, you can find a lot of interesting things to do in Sozopol in early August. The local amphitheaterattracts the attention of tourists not only as a venue for various concerts and performances, but also as an architectural monument that has retained its majestic beauty over the centuries.

On especially hot days in mid-August, you can go for a walk in the beautiful park at the Ravadinovo Castle, which is a short drive from the resort town. The castle, whose construction began in our time, is still under construction, but the picturesque landscapes will decorate the photos, and the swans on the lake will delight the children.

At the end of August, it’s a good idea to visit water parks located not far from the city, because tourists with schoolchildren begin to go home and the queues for the slides noticeably thin out. For example, you can cool off and have a great time on water attractions in the small water park “Aqua Planet”, located in neighboring Primorsko.

  • The best entertainment in Sozopol for children and adults

Holidays, events and festivals

Celebrations in Sozopol in August are large-scale and mostly creative.Montfiz Art Festival, originating at the end of July, will meet tourists with bright theatrical performances, master classes for everyone, dance lessons and much more.

In the city amphitheater, music does not stop, people are crowding around it — everyone wants to get a piece of creative energy that the holiday is full of. Travelers with small children should not stay near the venue, as the noise it makes will interfere with sleep.

Apollonia Arts Festival, in honor of the old name of Sozopol, shows the guests of the city the traditions of the Bulgarian people and modern trends in the field of culture. Incendiary performances will again fill the streets of the resort with visitors from different countries and continents, as the holiday attracts guests not only from Europe, but also from Asia and America.

At the same time, “Children's Apollonia” > where children can take part in theater workshops and learn something interesting.

Rest prices

Prices in Sozopol continue to creep up in August. The holiday season for Europeans is at its peak, and many European tourists come to Bulgaria in search of a budget holiday.

Since the sea warms up to maximum levels this month, the cost of travel will be even more expensive, especially during holding festivals. Not only foreign guests come to the city for holidays, but also many Bulgarian bands and festival participants.

Therefore, for a more relaxing holiday, you should come here during a break between large-scale events — from the second half of August, and leave — a couple of days before September. If the local fun does not bother you or, on the contrary, attracts you, then the coast of Sozopol will gladly open its arms to any number of guests.


The cost of flights in August is kept at the same available positions as in July. A flight to Burgas airport at this time is possible at one of the lowest prices of the year. The cost is influenced by a large number of charter flights that are available during the summer season. But even here you can try to save money if you book tickets in advance, buy not all places with luggage and use the services of inexpensive carriers.


Prices for tours in August rise along with the sea temperature. The rise in price can reach up to 30%. Due to the festivals, the cost increases most significantly for more budget accommodation options. The more expensive the hotel, the less the price of the tour will rise in percentage terms. So at this time you can find a wonderful option for more comfortable accommodation for a minimal surcharge.


The cost of food basically does not change. It rises at the beginning of the holiday season and stays at the same level until its end. Lunch in an inexpensive cafe will cost from 10 euros per person, and for dinner in a mid-range restaurant you will have to pay from 15 euros per person.

During festivals, prices for street food can jump up, but only in crowded places people who don't pay much attention to the extra euro spent.

Recommendations for holidays with children

Traveling with babies in August is not worth it, regardless of the resort: too active sun is fraught with overheating and temperature in the little ones. It is possible and even necessary to travel to Sozopol with school-age children in August, while observing elementary safety rules and monitoring the temperature.

  • Vacation with children in Sozopol: Kidpassage guide

The main — stock up on the road with sun protection, hats and do not go to the beach at lunchtime, when the heavenly body is most dangerous. In the evening, the temperature drop can get chilly, so you need to take clothes with sleeves with you as well. By following these recommendations, you can be sure of a wonderful vacation.

Sozopol in August will give its guests a lot of vivid impressions and picturesque landscapes. A trip to this resort will be a wonderful choice for a vacation that you want to remember on cold winter evenings.

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