Sights of Ukraine: Top-25

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

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What to see in Ukraine if you came here for the first time? It is impossible to see all the sights of Ukraine in one visit. And this is good, because there will be a reason to come here more than once. Authentic culture, beautiful temples and cathedrals, ancient castles and fortresses preserved through the centuries, amazing nature and warm climate. You can fall in love with Ukraine at first sight.

What to see in Ukraine first of all

It will be easy not to spend too much time looking for places to visit while traveling around the country if you take a close look at our list. Russian-speaking travelers may not need guides in Ukraine, but planning the sequence of sightseeing of the monuments is a must!

1. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (Kyiv)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Golden domes the famous Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

One of the most important shrines of Orthodoxy, which has been preserved almost in its original form since the 11th century, is rightfully considered the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – the first monastery in Russia and a symbol of faith. Above the powerful waters of the Dnieper, on its picturesque slopes, shining with golden domes, majestic temples flaunt. Paved with cobblestone paths immersed in greenery lead to them, and below, in the dungeon, meandering in a narrow labyrinth of corridors, mysterious caves are located, where the main treasure of the Lavra is located – the holy imperishable relics of the righteous.

In the list of “Sights of Ukraine” Kiev-Pechersk Lavra takes the first place, being the shrine most visited by tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. For a thousand years of its existence, the Lavra has suffered many disasters: earthquakes, the invasion of the Mongol-Tatars, fires and wars, but after each shock and destruction it has been reborn.

Getting to the territory of this unique complex, you forget about worldly fuss, get away from everyday problems. You are surrounded by calmness and mystery. People come here to see the saints resting in the caves with their own eyes, and, having venerated the relics, strengthen their faith.

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2. Independence Square (Kyiv)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

View of Independence Square

Independence Square, called Maidan by Ukrainians, is the main square of the capital. This is an object that tourists and guests of the city must visit. Here they like to wander around the fountains, take pictures next to the majestic monument and just take a walk. Several main streets of Kyiv adjoin the Maidan: Khreshchatyk, Institutskaya, Sofiyskaya, Mikhailovskaya.

The square changed its name several times: in the 19th century, at its location there was a wasteland with the ruins of defensive structures, then the first name was Kreshchatynska, after – Dumskaya Square, and only in the year of Ukraine's independence (1991) did it get its current name.

Despite the loud “metropolis”, Kyiv, surrounded by greenery, is loved for its warmth and comfort. When wondering what to visit in Ukraine, do not hesitate to come to Kyiv! There is an incredible number of places unique in their beauty and historical value, where Independence Square is one of the main attractions of the capital. In 2004 and 2014, the square became the center of protest rallies and revolutionary events in Ukraine.

3. Deribasovskaya street (Odessa)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Deribasovskaya street, glorified by poets and writers

Odessa is a southern pearl, a hospitable city that has a soul. Soaked in the salt spray of the Black Sea and subtle Odessa humor, the city amazes with its hospitality and endless charm. Travel companies offer any tours around the country, but you should definitely visit the southern Palmyra.

There is definitely something to see here: the magnificent Opera House, many historical monuments, gloomy catacombs, small streets and cozy courtyards of the old city. But there is something special in Odessa – Deribasovskaya street, sung in poems and songs, a kind of visiting card of the city. There is no noisy transport here, you can safely walk along the pedestrian pavement, paved with paving stones, and plunge headlong into the indescribable atmosphere of the great city. There are many cafes, restaurants, summer playgrounds on Deribasovskaya, it is simply soaked through and through with the Odessa flavor. The city garden, the monument to Utesov, street musicians and artists, and next to it the chic Passage store, which is an architectural monument of the 19th century, attracts the eyes of strolling guests of the city. Here you want to smile just like that, for no reason, breathe deeply, then buy some trinket as a keepsake and fall in love with this city for life.

4. Khotyn fortress (Chernivtsi region, Khotyn)

Sights of Ukraine: Top-25

Khotyn Fortress is an example of medieval defensive architecture

Sights of Ukraine are located in every corner of this unique country. Khotyn Fortress is one of the most spectacular places where any tourist should definitely visit. This is a real monument of the great history of Russia, which is already a little over 1000 years old.

Initially, the building was a small fortress built by the Slavs from wood. Its function was to protect the local people from invaders. When the Mongol-Tatar yoke conquered Russia, the role of this fort greatly increased, it guarded the most important crossing on the Dniester River from the raids of nomadic robbers.

Later, the first small stone fortress was built here. Over time, it was expanded and rebuilt after being destroyed by nomads. Until the 19th century, battles were constantly taking place on this site. It took on the Khotyn fortress and the assault of Russian troops. M. Lomonosov even wrote about this in his ode. However, the fort later lost its military status. The settlement received its own coat of arms, a church was built inside in honor of Alexander Nevsky. At present, the fortress is a museum. Inside there is a monument to Hetman Petro Sahaydachny, 5 towers, churches, a princely palace, barracks, an entrance to the dungeon, the ruins of a mosque and a military school. Many famous films were shot in Khotyn, for example, The Three Musketeers. Khotyn Fortress is a wonderful place with a special atmosphere where history comes to life.

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5 Hagia Sophia (Kyiv)

Sights of Ukraine: Top-25

Hagia Sophia – one of the symbols of the Ukrainian capital

If you don't know what to visit in Ukraine, be sure to visit Hagia Sophia, built by order of Yaroslav the Wise in the 11th century. Initially, the structure consisted of 13 domes, over time, 6 more were added. The temple was often destroyed due to attacks by invaders, survived the onslaught of the Tatar-Mongol yoke, Batu's detachment completely smashed and plundered the cathedral.

By the beginning of the 15th century, the building was badly damaged, services for the townspeople stopped. Metropolitan Peter decided to call an Italian architect to restore the cathedral in the 17th century. The structure has now become pear-shaped, the walls are decorated with stucco molding, icons and frescoes have been restored inside.

Now Hagia Sophia is included in the UNESCO list (World Heritage List), services are held only on great Christian holidays, the rest of the time the temple is open to tourists. The building is very beautiful and unique. One of the domes of the cathedral reminds of Jesus, the rest – of the apostles and evangelists who preached Christ. The temple has preserved a mosaic from the 11th century, decorating the central dome and arches. Scenes from the Bible are reflected not only in the mosaics, but also in the frescoes. In total, there are more than 100 graves on the territory of the cathedral, including Yaroslav the Wise and his family.

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Look at the beautiful places of Ukraine in this wonderful video!

6. Tunnel of love (Klevan, Rivne region)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

The Tunnel of Love is a place of pilgrimage for romantics and newlyweds

Many tourists ask themselves: what to see in Ukraine? There are many beautiful places in this country, one of them is the Tunnel of Love. This place is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. This attraction is especially popular among romantics and newlyweds who come here to make a wish, and photographers who get a lot of high-quality and interesting pictures. The tunnel is located in the forest near the town of Klevan in the Rivne region. It is easy to get to by train. The Tunnel of Love is a 1 km long section of the forest. Inside, there are rails along which a real factory train runs. He maintains this place in this state, breaking off the overgrown branches of trees.

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It is best to watch the tunnel in late spring, summer and early autumn, because all this time there is a lot of foliage on the trees, which gives a special romance and mystery through the play of light and shadows. However, it is beautiful here even after a good snowfall – time seems to stop, and life around freezes. But beware of the train, which can ruin such a beautiful moment by speeding through the tunnel.

Not far from this place is a medieval castle shrouded in legends and myths, so the Tunnel of Love is one of the most romantic places in Europe for lovers.

7. Svyatogorsk Assumption Lavra (Svyatogorsk, Donetsk region)< /h3>

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Assumption Lavra – the beauty and pride of Svyatogorsk

On the majestic mountain, surrounded by chalk cliffs on the banks of the beautiful Seversky Donets River, like a vision of bygone times, the shrine of Eastern Ukraine, the Svyatogorsk Assumption Lavra, is buried in greenery. The view from the top of the cliff is amazing. But the monastery itself, which includes an ensemble of several churches and a cave monastery complex, rises from the bright waters of the Donets to the very top of the holy mountain. Majestic as an eagle's nest, she was chosen by hermits for their home.

Since ancient times, the banks of the river have been resounding with the sound of a bell, announcing peace and prosperity. The Lavra includes many interesting monuments of architecture and art. Few sights of Ukraine can be compared with the Svyatogorsk shrine in their grandeur.

The history of the monastery goes back to ancient times. Back in the 8th century, fleeing persecution and moving to the northern Black Sea region, the inhabitants of Greek monasteries founded the first cave settlements on the banks of the Seversky Donets River. The cave monastery on the Svyatogorsk rock enjoyed special respect of the people and their sincere love. People revered the monastery for the severity of monastic life, the holiness of the brothers who lived here and their asceticism. Currently, many tourists and pilgrims come to this place, unique in its amazing beauty and power.

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< h3> 8. Old Castle of Kamenets-Podolsky (Kamianets-Podolsky, Khmelnitsky region)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

City-Museum under the open sky

Kamenetz-Podolsky makes the most pleasant impression: a small, green, clean and incredibly bright town. Having been here once, you will definitely want to come again. The inhabitants of the city treat their relics reverently and carefully, so a unique place, the Old Town, where the medieval architectural monument of Kamyanets-Podilskyi fortress is located, has been preserved almost in its original form. If you want to know what to see in Ukraine, visit this place, incredible in its energy and beauty.

At the exit from the old city, a majestic view of the Old Castle of Kamenets-Podolsky opens up. After passing through the bridge over the canyon, you enter its territory and seem to plunge into the Middle Ages. The harsh appearance, powerful masonry walls, defensive structures, stone and earth bastion fortifications, castle towers are literally mesmerizing.

The history of the Old Fortress began in the 12th century. Already in those days, it reliably defended the city, and in the 15th century, after being captured by the Poles, it was the most important defensive point of the Commonwealth. Until the 19th century, the city was conquered in turn by the Turks, Poles, the Russian Empire, and when it had already ceased to have its former military significance, it became a museum-reserve and one of the most visited Ukrainian sights.

9. Shenbornov Castle (Zakarpatskaya region)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

The elegant Schönborn hunting castle

The hunting estate is the country residence of the Shenborn counts, located in Transcarpathia in the Beregvar tract near the village of Chinadievo near Mukachevo. This is one of the best preserved palaces in Ukraine. Today it is called the Karpaty sanatorium. The unique building captivates visitors with its unsurpassed beauty and grandeur. A huge park, the purest Carpathian air, tranquility and tranquility – that's what attracts a lot of tourists to visit this cute corner and stay there longer.

To see unique architectural structures, it is not necessary to go abroad. Local guides will offer you an excellent and inexpensive vacation in Transcarpathia with visits to ancient palaces, crystal clear lakes and powerful waterfalls. Schönborn Castle will make you feel like an Austrian aristocrat. Despite the fact that it looks like a medieval building, it is considered quite young. At the beginning of the 19th century, the building was a small wooden hunting lodge, later on in its place, by order of the count, the best architects designed and built a huge stone palace. The sights of Ukraine, perfectly preserved to this day, located in the park area, remain attractive to tourists.

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10. Khortytsya Island (Zaporozhye)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Khortytsya Island – Cossack past of Zaporozhye

If we consider the sights of Ukraine, one cannot help but recall the largest island of the state – Khortytsya, 12 km long and about 2.5 km wide. Even in the time of the Scythians, various tribes enjoyed natural protection and chose it for their settlements. Until now, there is a pagan sanctuary on the territory of the island. According to legend, it was here that Prince Svyatoslav of Kyiv died in battle with the Pechenegs.

But the Ukrainian Cossacks made the most famous island. According to some reports, they set up a camp here, and then completely proclaimed the island the capital of their republic. True, there is other information, but the island, overgrown with legends, refuses to accept it, and it is here that the museum of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the historical and cultural complex “Zaporozhian Sich” function.

Khortytsya influenced the works of Taras Shevchenko, Nikolai Lysenko, Ilya Repin. Maxim Gorky also visited it.

Today the island is a huge museum complex surrounded by water and rocks. Since 2005, it has acquired the status of a national reserve. Part of the territory is almost untouched, many plants and animals that live here are listed in the Red Book. Arboretum, equestrian theater, beautiful viewing platforms complete the list for tourists to visit. They can visit the sights or just relax on the shore, swimming, fishing and eating barbecue.

Sights of Ukraine: what else to visit while in Ukraine

If you have not yet planned what excursions to You will order Ukraine, our list will become a real lifesaver, identifying the most interesting options and settlements. We present up-to-date descriptions with photos, on the basis of which it will not be difficult for you to make a final choice.

11. Church and Monastery of the Bernardines (Lviv)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Interior of the Bernardine Church in Lviv

The list of what to visit in Ukraine is often dominated by Lviv – a city of sights and tourists. Among the most interesting and majestic sights is the Church of St. Andrew, which became the first stone church in the city. The legend says that the Bernardine Order arrived in the city in the 15th century, but for a long time they were not allowed to build a monastery and a temple, so that the enemies could not enter the city. Then a compromise was made. The warrior monks built the monastery out of stone and allowed the walls to blend into the city's defensive system. If necessary, they went out to the walls of the city and fought shoulder to shoulder with the townspeople.

The church itself was built in 1600-1630. The architects P. Rimlyanin and A. Bemer were fans of different styles, but the result was all the more interesting. There are sculptures of four saints on the facade, rich baroque decoration inside. The ceiling is painted by the famous B. Mazurkevich. The cells are attached to the northern wall of the temple. The wooden details have not been preserved, but most of them were made anew according to the exact model.

According to another legend, in the 17th century, Bohdan Khmelnitsky did not destroy the city only because the ghost of a monk appeared to him. A column in memory of this still stands today, however, not wooden, but already made of stone. In 1733-1734, a bell tower was added from the south.

12. Marble Cave (Crimea, Chatyr-Dag Massif)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Inside the Marble Cave

In search of what to see in Ukraine, you should definitely look into the Marble Cave, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. It was opened in 1987 and has since become a favorite of tourists.

It is inferior in size to world monsters, reaching only two kilometers. Only half is open for safe visiting. Lighting has been done there, there are handrails in the right places, and concrete paths have been laid for the convenience of visitors. The largest hall, Obvalny, is 100 m long and 28 m high. Since the formation appeared in the rock of marble limestone, the name was determined by itself.

The beauty of the cave is in huge stalactites and stalagmites, sintered draperies, helictite flowers recognized as unique, corralite patterns, stone altars, chandeliers and columns. In the lower gallery there is a natural mineralogical museum, where caving tours are held for 3 hours.

There is no free entrance to the cave, 5 excursion tours are offered. It is worth preparing for a visit – take warm clothes, since the temperature there, even on the hottest day, is no more than 9 degrees Celsius. Comfortable shoes are also required, as you will have to walk a lot. You will not find such sights of Ukraine anywhere else.

13. Synevyr Lake (Mezhhirya, Zakarpattia region)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

The water surface of the mountain lake Synevyr

Lake Synevyr is called an ornament of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The purest fresh lake is located on the territory of the Synevyr Reserve and covers an area of ​​​​approximately 5 hectares. Scientists believe that this miracle appeared as a result of the collapse of rocks. For tourists, the main thing is to admire the exceptional beauty of this sight of Ukraine and the purest water of mountain streams that fill the reservoir.

The depth is quite large, ranging from 4.5-24 meters, but even in the deepest place you can see the water almost to the very bottom. Thanks to this, the lake looks like a natural aquarium. While floating on a raft, you can put your hand into the water and wait for the touch of the most shy fish in the world – trout. She, like many other species of fish, swims here in schools.

The air is not only clean, but also ringing with the natural sounds of birds, animals, splashing water and rustling plants. Motor boats and loud noises are prohibited here, so the rest will be not only pleasant, but also beneficial for health. The nervous system, hearing and vision will be able to throw off the burden of civilization, at least for a short time. Such sights of Ukraine remind a person that nature is his cradle, salvation and pure pleasure.

14. Ukrainian Carpathians (north-west of Ukraine)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Carpathian protected areas

The vast territory of the Ukrainian part of the Carpathians reaches 280 km in length and 50-100 km in width. Together with the territory of the foothills, this is more than 3700 sq. km.

The attraction for tourists lies in the landscape. On the Ukrainian side, the mountains are slightly lower and more convenient for climbing. But this did not affect the diversity of preserved natural resources. A huge number of large and medium-sized rivers, including Tisza, Prut, Dniester, more than 30,000 large streams allow flora and fauna not to lack water. About 60 water points have been opened here, where you can heal with healing mineral waters, which made it possible to create balneological resorts on their basis.

The beech forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians are protected by UNESCO as an untouched natural complex. There is a large reserve and several dozens of protected natural parks on the territory, occupying 13% of the area.

There is something to see in Ukraine if you come to the Carpathians. The most sought-after and exotic sights include the Shipot and Manyavsky waterfalls, a mud volcano in the village. Starunya, Narcissus Valley, a number of lakes.

In winter, the region turns into a world-class ski resort, with slopes of different levels, developed infrastructure and the opportunity to get acquainted with the vibrant culture of the local population.

15. Lutsk Castle (Upper Lutsk)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Entrance tower of Lutsk castle

The hallmark of the city of Lutsk is an ancient architectural monument, which was mentioned in the annals of 1075. In 1340-1350, instead of wooden walls, stone walls were erected, and it still stands in this form.

The fortress managed to repel the attacks of enemies for many centuries, including even the Mongol-Tatars. It became the cultural, political and religious center of Volhynia. Tourists can look at the perfectly preserved features of the buildings, since now the fortress has acquired the status of a historical museum and is protected by law as a national monument.

The whole complex of this landmark of Ukraine is built in the shape of a triangle. If you climb the Entrance Tower from the western wall, Lutsk will spread under your feet in all its diversity. Inside the tower there is an exposition of paintings and engravings of antiquity and old maps of the area. Several exhibitions on the lower floors will introduce you to old versions of keys, the art of local glass blowers, and toys. There is an exhibition of medieval tools in the courtyard.

Among the surviving buildings are parts of the Cathedral of St. John the Theologian, built 9 centuries ago. Near it is an exposition of ancient building materials. The Museum of Printing has an exhibition of old books. The pride of Ukraine, a collection of bells, is also presented in Lutsk Castle. Everyone who comes to the fortress will find something that will touch his heart.

16. Kievan Rus Park

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kievan Rus

 Sights of Ukraine: Top-25

Inside the complex

Kievan Rus Park is located just 45 minutes on the way from modern Kyiv – Kiev region, Obukhovsky district, the village of Kopachov. The complex is not a museum or exposition, but a real living medieval city, with its entourage residents, masterpieces of architecture, delicious dishes from the fire, ancient crafts and horseback riding, incredibly spectacular medieval shows.

On the territory of more than 20 hectares , based on the knowledge of modern science, archeology and chronicles, the capital of the great medieval power Kievan Rus – Ancient Kyiv from the 5th to the 13th centuries is recreated. The city is being built in the size of its historical center, known as Kievsky Detinets or the City of Vladimir. It also recreates the atmosphere and spirit of this glorious era.

Museums of historical costume, medieval music, wooden architecture, expositions of siege equipment, shipbuilding, and even a medieval torture chamber are waiting for guests. The Principality of Kievan Rus is the only platform of its kind where large-scale historical battles are recreated in a reliable historical setting, spectacular medieval combat championships, knightly and archery tournaments are held, armor and weapons of medieval warriors are demonstrated, and the culture, life and atmosphere of Kievan Rus are recreated.

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17. Pisanka Museum (Kolomiya)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Museum of decorative Easter eggs in the city Kolomyia AMartiniouk

The original European country Ukraine, it would seem, is so close and understandable to each of us, but in the process of travel it opens up from completely different, amazing angles. In order for a trip to Ukraine to bring maximum impressions, it is worth mentioning the most significant sights of Ukraine briefly and plan an interesting route. In the Ivano-Frankivsk region, in the town of Kolomyia, you can see the world's largest Easter egg – a kind of painted building is a museum of Easter eggs “Pysanka”. The museum's expositions include more than ten thousand exhibits – these are painted eggs from different regions of Ukraine, as well as specimens from other countries – from Russia and Belarus to Egypt and China. A place of honor in the exposition is occupied by a collection of Easter eggs decorated by famous people – artists, politicians, including Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yushchenko.

18. Old Town (Lviv)

< img title="Sights of Ukraine: Top 25" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/dostoprimechatelnosti-ukrainy-top-25-7cdd962.jpg" alt="Sights of Ukraine: Top 25" />< /p>Rynok Square in the Old Town of Lviv Member:Vodnik

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Historical buildings in the Old Town of Lviv

Valuable historical and cultural sights of Ukraine are an important component of its tourism potential. Among them, it is worth highlighting the old city of Lviv – a wonderful historical monument where you can wander along the paved streets, as if transported back in time several centuries ago. Such a walk conveys an amazing feeling of comfort, which can only be obtained by walking through an area steeped in history. On a very modest area, a large number of ancient buildings are surprisingly collected – these are four large churches, and three ethnic quarters, and several dozen centuries-old houses, all kinds of sculptures and even fragments of a fortress. The rest in the old town is complemented by numerous souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes where you can relax while walking.

19. Mukachevo Castle (Mukachevo)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Palanok Castle on A 68-meter mountain of volcanic origin against the backdrop of the Carpathian Mountains

Among the surviving fortifications of Ukraine, it is worth highlighting Palanok – the largest castle in Transcarpathia, the date of construction of which is already unknown for certain – the sources only mention that in the 11th century this citadel managed to successfully repel an attack by the troops of the Polovtsian Khan. The castle repeatedly changed its owners, and each new owner contributed to its strengthening and restructuring. And to this day, from its 68-meter height, it proudly looks at the guests of the town of Mukachevo, who want to see such an impregnable, majestic fortress. In the 50s of the last century, there was a technical school within the walls of the castle, and students lived in the barracks. And from 1989 to this day, a museum has been functioning here with a collection of sculptures and paintings, there is an exposition of objects of culture and life of the inhabitants of Transcarpathia from the 12th to the 20th centuries.

20. Sofiyivka Park (Uman)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

A corner of Sofiyivka Park on the banks of the Kamenka River in Uman Fr Maxim Massalitin

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Entrance to the underground river Acheron in Sofiyivka park in Uman Uk-Kamelot

In search of sights of Ukraine for children, we recommend going to the small town of Uman, which is famous for its Sofiyivka dendrological park. This is a great place for a family holiday, where you can see all the beauty of the local nature, in all its colors and abundance. The park stretches on the banks of the Kamenka River, on an area of ​​180 hectares, more than two hundred years ago. This example of landscape gardening art was created by a Polish count for his wife Sofia, after whom it was named. To create it, a very successful, diverse landscape was chosen, with hills, ravines and large granite blocks along the banks. And today the park has a special romantic atmosphere, pleases the eye with the beauty of ponds, fountains, man-made waterfalls, sculptures. You can take a walk along the numerous shady alleys, ride horses or go on the waters of Kamenka on boats and catamarans.

21. Pochaev Lavra (Pochaev)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Holy Assumption Pochaev Lavra – the largest Orthodox church complex and monastery

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

In the underground church of Job of Pochaev in the Pochaev Lavra Boris Mavlyutov

The Pochaev Assumption Lavra, or the Pochaev Monastery, is the largest temple complex in the country, which was once the main spiritual center of Western Russia. In terms of its scale, it is second only to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra today. The Lavra is located in the center of the town of Pochaev, on a high hill, so its snow-white facade and golden domes can be seen from afar. One can only guess about the time of the foundation of the complex from scattered legends and chronicles: it is believed that the monks, driven from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in the 13th century by the troops of the Mongol-Tatars, fled to this region and founded a monastery here. So at first a wooden church was erected, then the stone Holy Assumption Church grew, and in 1649 the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity appeared on a hill. Today, the Pochaev Lavra is not just an object of pilgrimage, but also a major Orthodox educational center.

22. Radomysl Castle (Radomyshl)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

General view of the building of the historical and cultural complex “Castle Radomysl” Olga Bohomolec press-office

Mentioning the sights of northern Ukraine, it is worth noting that this region is rich in ancient buildings – monastic complexes, museums, fortresses and other historical buildings. The castle-museum Radomysl deserves special attention – a real medieval fortress, where everything is permeated with the spirit of antiquity. In the 17th century, a paper factory was built here, and the inhabited place of the town of Radomyshl became fortified. Later, the papirnia is destroyed, and a mill is erected in its place, which operates until the start of the First World War. Later, everything turns into ruins, and only in 2007 the ruins take on a new life, the castle building grows again in its original place, retaining its authentic features. Today, within its walls, you can look into the museum of the Ukrainian domestic icon, visit the chamber music concert hall or have a bite to eat in the medieval refectory.

Official website: http://www.radozamok

23. Gosprom (Kharkov)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Soviet skyscraper (1925-1928) on Svoboda Square in Kharkov Sergiy Krinitsya (Haidamac)

Choosing the sights of Ukraine in winter, when hiking opportunities are limited, you can go to Kharkov to see one of the first skyscrapers of the beginning of the last century – the State Industry House. This building, erected in the 20s of the last century, had an incredible height for those times – 63 meters, and together with the TV tower installed on top already in the 50s, the height is even more – 108 meters. The fact is that at the beginning of the 20th century there was a question about the appointment of Kharkov as the capital, so it was decided to build something grandiose in the city center. This is how the Gosprom building appeared, incredible in size, made in the style of constructivism. Considering that all the work was then carried out almost manually, the scale of construction was colossal – workers from all over the USSR worked at the construction site in 3 shifts, and in 3 years the building grew, which became one of the main symbols of the city.

24. Olesskiy castle (Olesko settlement)

Sights of Ukraine: Top-25

Western facade of the Olesko castle on the outskirts of the village of Olesko Oleh.zavadsky

To this day, Ukraine carefully preserves a number of medieval castles on its lands, which were silent witnesses of many historical events. The impregnability of fortifications and defensive fortifications impresses visitors invariably. However, only a few of these buildings can boast not only their power, but also the beauty, grace and elegance of architecture. One of these structures is the Olesko Castle, which today houses a branch of the Lviv Art Gallery with exhibits representing various areas of medieval art. Among other things, it is also the oldest castle preserved in Ukraine; it was built over many years in the 13-14 centuries by the Galician-Volyn princes. It is worth noting that the Olesko, Zolochiv and Podgoretsky castles are included in a popular tourist route around the outskirts of Lviv, called the Golden Horseshoe of the Lviv Region.

25. Akkerman Fortress (Belgorod-Dnestrovsky)

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

View of the Akkerman fortress on the rocky bank of the Dniester Estuary Alexey M.

Sights of Ukraine: Top 25

Performance near the walls of the Akkerman Fortress Evgeniy Katyshev

In the center of the small town of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, located on the coast of the Dniester Estuary, it is worth visiting the main symbol of the city, the largest fortress in Ukraine – Akkerman. This is a huge bastion that was built and strengthened over the years from the 13th to the 15th century. Once upon a time, the ancient Greek city of Tyra, which occupied the most important place in the trade of the Northern Black Sea region, was located here, and to this day, excavations of the city and even a whole street with houses and water pipes can be found near the fortress walls. The complex of fortifications occupies an impressive area of ​​9 hectares, and towers are installed on its most important strategic areas – today 26 out of 34 of them have survived. .

Official website: http://viknaodessa.

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