Sights of Sevastopol: Top-32

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

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When compiling this review of “the best sights in Sevastopol”, we focused on the reviews and recommendations of experienced tourists and guides. If you don’t know what to see in Sevastopol, you should definitely check out our rating.

What to see in Sevastopol in the first place?

Talk about which sights of Sevastopol are the most significant and interesting , can be long enough. In our opinion, your trip should certainly include a tour of such objects as:

1. Count's Quay

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Grafskaya pier on Admiral Nakhimov Square on the shore of the southern part of the Sevastopol Bay

Where should every tourist go in Sevastopol? To the first and main city pier. At one time, it was from here that the squadrons of the Black Sea Fleet went to all kinds of battles. From the pier to the exquisite double colonnade is a majestic staircase, decorated with sculptures of lions and stone parapets. Looking at the walls of the count's pier, you can learn about more memorable and important events in the life of the fleet.

2. Primorsky Boulevard

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Seaside Boulevard is a popular holiday destination for Sevastopol residents < p>The date of the construction of the landmark, which replaced the defensive redoubts laid by Suvorov, is the 19th century. On the boulevard there are several recreation areas, landscaped alleys, a fountain and a small bridge depicting dragons (the mythical animals symbolize England and France, who tried to destroy Sevastopol in previous years).

Official website: http://www.sevastopol

3. Tauric Chersonesus

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

The ruins of the basilica in Chersonese Tauride

The remains of an ancient city that existed in the 5th century BC and was destroyed by the steppe nomads. A trip here will acquaint you with the ruins of such buildings as residential buildings, an amphitheater, and previously majestic temples. It should be noted that the authorities partially reconstructed local columns. Now you can see them in person, as well as the famous Foggy Bell located nearby.

Official website:

4. Diorama “Assault on the Sapun Mountains”

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

The building of the diorama “Assault on Sapun Mountain on May 7, 1944” on Sapun Mountain in Sevastopol Vadim Indeikin

The largest painting in the world dedicated to battles. The semi-circular canvas has a width of 8 meters and a height of more than 80 square meters. meters. Between the observation deck and the picture is a plan that recreates the battlefield with the Germans. To enhance the atmosphere, modern special effects are used, for example, imitation of smoke from an exploding shell.

Official website:

5. Museum panorama “Defense of Sevastopol”

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Fragment of the panorama “Defense of Sevastopol 1854-1855.” Valentin Ramirez

Many interesting places in Sevastopol are dedicated to the Crimean War, and this panorama is no exception. It was created over 100 years ago, and surprises with the detail of the drawing. The dimensions of the canvas, located in a beautiful round building: length 115 meters and width 14 meters.

Official website:

See wonderful views of Sevastopol in this exciting video!

6. Monument to the Scuttled Ships

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Monument to the Scuttled Ships in Sevastopol Bay

If you are interested in the most popular excursions in Sevastopol, pay attention to the program of visiting the monument to the scuttled ships. It was created in memory of the ships that blocked the entrance to the bay during the war with the British and French. The monument is located on an artificial elevation at an altitude of about 17 meters above sea level. A dolomite column on an octagonal platform is decorated with a double-headed eagle holding an anchor and a laurel wreath in its beaks.

Official website: http://www.sevastopol

7 Malakhov Kurgan

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Guns of the middle of the 19th century on the site of battery No. 17 of Senyavin on Malakhov Kurgan

High ground, the possession of which provided a strategic advantage, allowing you to capture the city. For this reason, it was on this mound that the most bloody battles took place for the defense of Sevastopol. Guests are invited to view the magnificent park area and artillery weapons, visit observation platforms. Buy a tour and experienced guides in Sevastopol will take you to the defensive tower with the blazing Eternal Flame, telling many fascinating stories about the defense of the people during the Second World War and the Crimean War.

Official website: http ://

8. Theater of the Black Sea Fleet

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Sailor's Club or Drama Theater of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. B. Lavreneva in Sevastopol Vadim Indeikin

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What to visit in Sevastopol for art lovers? This colorful architectural monument, created more than 60 years ago. In appearance, the building resembles a palace – a three-story structure is decorated with magnificent columns and a bar terrace. On the six-story tower of the theater you can see several huge clock faces. Every hour, when the hands count down the next 60 minutes, the city anthem is heard over the square.

Official website:

9 The Palace of Childhood and Youth

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

View of the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity from the side of the Sevastopol Bay Roma Neus

At the time of the Soviet Union, such palaces were not uncommon. After the collapse of the USSR, institutions began to close. Therefore, today there is already a unique institution in the city, in which children aged 5-17 years old are taught free classes and lessons in various sections and circles.

10. Vladimir (Admiralty) Cathedral

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Cathedral of St. Prince Vladimir Equal-to-the-Apostles A.Savin

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Grave of admirals in the lower church of the Cathedral Engineer gena

The temple serves as the resting place of many famous admirals of our country, including Kornilov and Nakhimov. Such sights of Crimea have a huge cultural and historical value. We also recommend going to see the cathedral in order to look at the elegant Byzantine style in which the building was made.

Official website: http://sevmuseum.

< h3> 11. Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Monument to Prince Vladimir in front of the Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese

When talking about the best sights of Sevastopol, one should not forget about the church built in honor of the baptism of Prince Vladimir. For several centuries of its existence, the building was repeatedly destroyed, restored and re-consecrated.

Official website:

12. Intercession Cathedral

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Intercession Cathedral in Sevastopol Dacksilverz1

The construction of this object lasted more than ten years. architectural masterpiece reminiscent of an old basilica: with beautiful drums topped with gilded onions, 12-sided domes and an elegant vault. Be sure to pay special attention to the exquisite carved arched windows and gables, the façade with stucco and icon mosaics. Inside the cathedral are the relics of St. Luke of Tauride and Admiral Ushakov (recently canonized).

Official website:

13. Holy -St. Nicholas Church

Sights of Sevastopol: Top-32

St. Nicholas Church in Sevastopol George Chernilevsky

The building, located at the Fraternal Cemetery, was built in memory of those who died during the Crimean War. The building is made in the form of a pyramid crowned with a large cross. The names of the fallen soldiers are inscribed on the marble boards decorating the walls inside the halls.

Official website:

14. Inkerman cave monastery

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Church of St. Great Martyr Panteleimon George Chernilevsky

An ancient cloister of monks, founded in the 13th century (according to some sources, in the 14th-15th centuries). Gradually, the natural temple began to collapse. However, in the 20th century, given its historical value and incredible beauty, the monastery was restored.

Official website:

15. Sevastopol Art Museum

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

View of the Sevastopol Art Museum Russianname

The location of the museum complex, created about 100 years ago, is a restored mansion of the late 19th century. The building has a rich façade and an equally rich exhibition of works of art: paintings, graphics, sculptures, German porcelain, etc. In total, there are over 100,000 objects here, including paintings by Repin, Aivazovsky, Giordano.

Official website: http://www.sevartmuseum

16. Military Historical Museum of the Black Sea Fleet

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Exhibits near the building of the Military History Museum of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol

The museum was set up in a colorful mansion, the facade of which is decorated with anchors, cannons, bas-reliefs and colonnades. Items in the spacious exhibition halls tell about the Black Sea Fleet and its glorious history – there are orders and medals, battle paintings, firearms and edged weapons, a broadsword donated to Nakhimov, and many other valuable items.

Official website:

17. Sevastopol Marine Aquarium Museum

Sights of Sevastopol: Top-32

The building of the Sevastopol Marine Aquarium-Museum on the shore of Artillery Bay Stoljaroff

The date of creation of the museum-aquarium is 1897. If you do not know what to see in Sevastopol in 1 day with the whole family, come here. You can observe the inhabitants of 12 aquariums (including exotic fish), fauna and flora of coral reefs. For amphibians and reptiles, they allocated their own hall. Fig fish, sharks and rays, electric eels and spectacled caiman – all these and many other creatures you can not only see, but also photograph.

Official website:

18. Dolphinarium

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Northern fur seal performance at Artem Topchiy Dolphinarium

Bottlenose dolphins, fur seals and the snow-white polar dolphin are the stars of the local institution. They give two or three brilliant shows a day. You can become a spectator of the performance or swim with the dolphins in the 5-meter pool. Even the best hotels in Sevastopol are not able to offer their guests such a memorable stay.

Official website:

19. Zurbagan Water Park

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Slides of the Zurbagan water park in Victory Park in Sevastopol Kamelot

Entertainment area for adults and children of all ages. In addition to extreme and calmer water rides, pools and slides, cafes are open here.

Official website:

20. Ecopark Lukomorye

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Mini-zoo in Lukomorye Ecopark in Sevastopol Tet a tet

An extensive park area with a petting zoo, adult and children's cafes, attractions and sculptural groups. Museums are open: Marmalade, Indians, Ice Cream, Soviet childhood, etc.

Official website:

21. Inkerman Vintage Wine Factory

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Composition near the Inkerman vintage wine factory in Sevastopol 17Rising17

The company was founded in 1961. Tours of the factory will allow you to visit ancient cellars and get acquainted with the traditions of alcohol production. You will be able to taste vintage branded wines and buy the ones that you like the most.

Sevastopol sights: what else to visit in Sevastopol?

We told you about the main sights of Sevastopol briefly. In addition to them, the following objects also deserve your attention:

Official site:

22. Tower of the Winds

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

The Tower of the Winds in the courtyard of the house against the backdrop of the city buildings of Sevastopol

A unique architectural landmark of the 19th century, which was supposed to circulate air currents in the halls of the Maritime Library. The tower with 8 faces with a rotunda arch is made in antique style and decorated with chic mythological bas-reliefs.

23. “35th Coastal Battery”

Sevastopol attractions: Top 32

Exhibit Museum “35th coastal battery” of the city of Sevastopol

Defensive buildings built in the 20th century. The complex was designed to protect the city from attacks from the sea. The battery's weapons are capable of continuously firing at enemies in a circular fashion over a distance of over 40 kilometers. The thickness of the outer defensive walls is four meters. Approximately ten years ago, it was decided to build a memorial museum on the square.

Official website:

24. Mikhailovskaya Battery< /h3>

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Aircraft Yak-38 on the open area in front of the museum Mikhailovskaya Battery

Historical Maritime Museum, formerly a protective structure (built in the 19th century). 20 thousand exhibits of the complex, stored in three dozen exhibition halls, are dedicated to the Second and First World Wars, the Crimean battles and other battles in which the Black Sea Fleet participated.

Official website: http: //muzey-sevastopol

25. Konstantinovskaya Battery

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

View from the boat to the Konstantinovskaya battery

A 19th century building designed to protect the city bay. The design placed on its territory about a hundred guns capable of firing continuously for a sufficiently long period of time (even by modern standards). Close to this

There is another attraction – a snow-white lighthouse-tower.

Official website:

26. Balaklava Bay

Sights of Sevastopol: Top- 32

Panoramic view of Balaklava Bay

One of the most comfortable and picturesque corners of the city. Formerly independent, Balaklava has a fascinating history of existence. Today it is known for its wonderful beaches, rocky cliffs, open sea and landscapes. You can get to it from the city by renting a boat or using public transport.

27. Object 825 GTS

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

Inside a secret Cold War military facility Dmitry Dzhus

A secret facility built during the Cold War. At present, it is an underground military base for submarines and a museum complex with exhibits from the 40s of the 20th century.

Official website:< /p>

28. Object “Mole”

Sights of Sevastopol: Top-32

Object “Mole” – a large underground structure of Sevastopol

Construction date – 30s of the 20th century. Initially, the underground structure was intended to house a power plant. However, the Second World War made its own adjustments, and the arrangement of the facility was never completed. The concrete labyrinth is frozen even now: the authorities of Russia and Ukraine could not understand for what practical purposes the Mole could be used. The object is open for tourists.

29. Genoese fortress Cembalo

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

The main tower (donjon) and the remains of the walls of the Genoese fortress Cembalo

Fortification, towering on the coast of the bay. Only the ruins of the cathedral, tower and defensive walls have survived to this day. Hundreds of years ago there was a trading settlement in which the Genoese lived. In general, two more similar buildings were erected in the Crimean Republic, and each of them was destroyed by the Omani Empire.

Official website: http://poluostrov-krym

30. St. George Rock

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

A small sightseeing boat at St. George's rock

The natural attraction is located one and a half kilometers from Fiolent and not far from the well-maintained Jasper Beach. In fact, it is a beautiful coastal strip, covered with the smallest multi-colored pebbles. Local water is clear and consistently clean. The rock, which can be reached by hundreds of steps, is decorated with a cross.

31. Cape Aya

Sights of Sevastopol: Top 32

The picturesque landscape of Cape Aya on the southern coast of Crimea

Colorful Crimean territory, where the remains of a city of 10-15 centuries were once discovered. Translated into Russian, the name of the cape sounds like “saint”. In ancient times, there was a sacred place for the Greeks here.

32. Cape Fiolent

Sights of Sevastopol: Top-32

View of Cape Fiolent from St. George's Monastery

Giant mountain, climb which is 8 hundred steps from the sea (many of them are broken). The cape is famous for its sandy beaches, as well as the nearby church of St. George and a rock with a cross visible in the water.

We will be glad if you want to see those sights of Sevastopol, photos with names and descriptions of which we have just given, in person. Read also about the sights of Feodosia and get inspired for your further journey through the Crimea.


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