Sights of Kyrgyzstan: Top 15

Kyrgyzstan Attractions: Top 15

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The sights of Kyrgyzstan recently discovered by tourists attract with their national flavor. Here you can feel the true spirit of Asia and even live for a while as a nomad, go shopping in local bazaars where everyone bargains with everyone, and also look at the ruins of ancient times. Knowing what to see in Kyrgyzstan and reading the reviews of other people who have already visited this peculiar state, you will be able to create a convenient and rich route. Our rating of the best attractions with descriptions and photos is based on the opinions of travelers and attendance statistics. But everyone has their own tastes, so use the information below to select interesting places specifically for you.

First things to see in Kyrgyzstan

The sights of Kyrgyzstan are, first of all, natural beauties. At the service of foreigners are virgin forests, mountain rivers and lakes, waterfalls and hot springs, unattainable mountain peaks, desert territories and areas completely covered with ice. It is difficult to describe all the wonders that can be seen in Kyrgyzstan in one review, but we tried to talk about the most fascinating of them, adding to the list no less interesting sights of history, culture and architecture for viewing. Please note that in order to view some of them, you will need to sacrifice the usual comfort and/or time, because some of the objects are located far from settlements.

We bring to your attention options for what to see in Kyrgyzstan and be 100% satisfied travel:

1. Tien Shan Mountains

Sights of Kyrgyzstan: Top 15

Tien Shan mountain landscape

The Tien Shan Mountains – located on the territories of five countries at once, this mountain system is perfectly visible even from Earth's orbit. The Tien Shan Mountains stretch for 2.5 thousand kilometers, and any climber will want to climb to the top of Pobeda Peak, which is included in the list of seven-thousanders. People come here who are sincerely in love with the mountains or those who have never seen truly high peaks. Views from a bird's eye view remain in memory forever, so this attraction of Kyrgyzstan will never cease to be of interest to tourists.

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2. Lake Issyk-Kul

Kyrgyzstan attractions: Top 15

Transparent surface of Issyk-Kul lake

Lake Issyk-Kul is a popular beach holiday destination, which features comfortable climatic conditions, or rather, a combination of mountain and sea climate, and a gentle entry into the water. The great depth of the lake (maximum value – 702 meters) allows you to swim and engage in water sports, and its considerable size provides opportunities for recreation for a large number of tourists. A plus is the fact that the territory is ennobled – there are umbrellas, sun loungers, cafes and bars, equipment rentals, etc. An interesting fact is that this attraction of Kyrgyzstan brings the most money to the state budget in comparison with other tourist sites. It is better to go here in summer, when the water temperature is most comfortable for swimming.

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3. Altyn Arashan Gorge

Kyrgyzstan attractions: Top 15

Natural landscape of Altyn Arashan gorge

The Altyn Arashan gorge is the best place to visit in Kyrgyzstan for lovers of bathing in mineral springs. There are reservoirs with different types of healing waters to choose from. They are considered especially useful for patients with nervous diseases, pathologies of the heart, kidneys and bones. The zone for vacationers is located in a very picturesque place near the settlement of Ak-Suu, at a distance of almost thirty kilometers from Lake Issyk-Kul. The resort has been operating since the first half of the sixties of the twentieth century, and the maximum temperature reaches +41 degrees Celsius. Loving couples often spend their time here.

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4. Sacred mountain Sulaiman-Too

Kyrgyzstan attractions: Top 15

Museum on the sacred mountain Sulaiman-Too in Osh city

Often excursions in Kyrgyzstan include the sacred mountain Sulaiman-Too in their itinerary. This is a limestone mountain range with a length of about 1140 meters, included in 2009, the first among the rest among the monuments under the protection of UNESCO. Tourists are invited not only to climb, but also to visit the museum and admire with their own eyes the structures that have survived from past eras. If you are not afraid of closed spaces, then you should take a closer look at one or more of the caves.

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5. Ala Archa Gorge

Sights of Kyrgyzstan: Top 15

Ala Archa Gorge in Ala Archa National Park

The Ala Archa Gorge is a protected area allocated by the government, which makes it unique due to the division into zones with different types of climate. The diversity of plant and animal species is also pleasantly surprising, and the nearby steep slopes are ideal for climbing training.

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Feel the atmosphere of Kyrgyzstan in this beautiful video!

6. Arslanbob

Kyrgyzstan attractions: Top 15

Large walnut forest in Arslanbob Ekrem Canli

Arslanbob: village, resort, tract, waterfalls, walnut forest – a favorite settlement for recreation among those who love hiking. During the walk, you can see walnut trees that are hundreds of years old and feel complete unity with nature. If trekking is not for you, book an off-road vehicle tour to see incredible Kyrgyz landscapes.

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7. Jety Oguz Gorge

Sights of Kyrgyzstan: Top 15

Jety-Oguz mountain gorge or Seven Bulls rocks

Jety Oguz Gorge is a place that is present in all guidebooks, which tells what to see in Kyrgyzstan for active tourists. It is located on the southern side of the coast of Issyk-Kul Lake and attracts with an unusual red tint of rocky mountains. You can also go to the thermal springs in the very close resort area. Mystical stories and legends are associated with many rocks of the gorge.

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8. Caravanserai Tash- Discount

Kyrgyzstan attractions: Top 15

Caravanserai Tash-Rabat – an architectural monument of the early Middle Ages

Caravanserai Tash-Rabat is an ancient building on the territory of the modern Naryn region, dating back to the fifteenth century. Previously, a monastery monastery was erected on this site, but in the Middle Ages, a place was arranged for the temporary residence of merchants traveling to the Ferghana Valley. The territory of China begins nearby, and one of the winding and turbulent tributaries of the Kara-Koyun River flows nearby.

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9. Burana Tower

Sights of Kyrgyzstan: Top 15

View of the Burana tower

The Burana Tower is an important historical monument of Kyrgyzstan, which is a multi-level complex built in the 10th-11th centuries, of which only the minaret remained intact. The tower rises almost 22 meters, although the original height was about forty meters. If there is a desire, then within walking distance there are sculptures and tombstones of ancient times with petroglyphs. For the construction of the building, red brick was used, part of which has survived to this day. The city of Tokmak is twelve kilometers away.

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10. Mausoleum of Gumbez Manas

< p>Kyrgyzstan attractions: Top 15

Facade of the mausoleum of the epic hero Manas Miflhanc

The Mausoleum of Gumbez Manas is a burial complex made of baked bricks with Arabic inscriptions and traditional ornaments, as well as a pointed dome. It is often visited not only by foreign tourists, but also by local residents. According to the legend, the most talented architects of Samarkand and Bukhara were involved in the construction, although outside the building there is a mention of the burial of the daughter of one of the emirs.

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Sights of Kyrgyzstan: what else to visit in Kyrgyzstan

The list of sights of Kyrgyzstan can be continued for a very long time, but if we talk about those that have gained the greatest fame, then they include:

11. Petroglyphs of Saimaly-Tash

Kyrgyzstan attractions: Top 15

Petroglyphs of Saimaly-Tash in the mountains of the Ferghana Range

The Saimaly-Tash petroglyphs are one of the treasures of the planet in the very heart of the Ferghana Range, representing three groups of accumulations of rock paintings created using bronze and iron tools. Basically, the theme of the images is related to animals, in particular, their domestication and hunting. In one of the zones there are pictures of chariot rides, made without much detail. The nearest settlement is Jalal-Abad, and the petroglyphs themselves are located at an altitude of 3 to 4.5 thousand meters, which makes them not very accessible to ordinary travelers. The total number of drawings exceeds twenty thousand.

Official website: http://www.gumilev-center.

12. Inylchek glacier

< p>Kyrgyzstan Attractions: Top 15

Panorama of the Inylchek Glacier

The Inylchek Glacier is the largest icy formation in the form of a tree among the existing ones, covering more than 500 square kilometers. More than seventy smaller glaciers are attached to it, which form its crown.

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13. Lake Sary-Chelek

Kyrgyzstan attractions: Top 15

Freshwater Lake Sary-Chelek

Lake Sary-Chelek is a lake formed about ten thousand years ago at an altitude of more than 1800 meters, where you should come for a walk along the picturesque coast, study unusual flora and fauna, as well as a memorable picnic on nature.

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14. Lake Son-Kul (Son-Kol)

Kyrgyzstan attractions: Top 15

The water surface of the Son-Kul Lake

Son-Kul Lake (Son-Kul) – an amazing reservoir hidden inside the Tien Shan is located at an altitude of more than 3 thousand meters, covering an area of ​​270 square kilometers. The lake (more precisely, part of its coastal territory) has the status of a reserve of national importance, and many of the animals and plants that are found here are rare.

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15. Bazaar in Osh

Sights of Kyrgyzstan: Top 15

Dried fruits and spices at the Osh bazaar Thomas Depenbusch (Depi)

The bazaar in Osh is a landmark of Kyrgyzstan, from which all the guests of the country are delighted, because here you can buy high-quality goods of local and foreign production at competitive prices, while enjoying the bidding process. For the first time, trading began here two thousand years ago, and since then the range of goods has been constantly growing, but the place of the market remains unchanged. Unlike other bazaars, here the stalls are open every day, so you don’t have to choose a special day for your trip.

The abundance of tourist attractions opens up a lot of opportunities for the guests of the country, but on the other hand, there are not so many ideas of what to see in Kyrgyzstan in 1 day, because there is not enough time to travel. It is worth coming here for at least 5-7 days, and preferably 2-4 weeks, during which you will fall in love with nature and be able to feel the full degree of hospitality of the locals. To avoid time delays, look at the map where the most interesting sights of Kyrgyzstan are located.

It is highly undesirable for tourists who come here for the first time to go to the mountains themselves. There is a risk of meeting wild animals, getting injured, getting lost, and in winter – falling under an avalanche. The best guides in Kyrgyzstan are locals, most of whom have been working with tourists for a long time and are ready to show beautiful places for a moderate fee. It is not difficult to find an escort for viewing architectural and historical monuments. If you wish, you can find a suitable guide in advance. Good luck with your acquaintance with the sights of Kyrgyzstan! Also read about the best sights of Kazakhstan and get inspired for your further journey through Central Asia!


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