Ship on fire off Dutch coast for sixth day

About 3,800 foreign luxury cars are on the ship.

A ship is burning off the coast of the Netherlands for the sixth day

At the coast of the Netherlands the sixth day is burning ship

On July 26, the cargo ship Fremantle Highway began to burn in the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands. about 3,800 vehicles were on board.

The rescue operation to tow the vessel has been delayed for the sixth day due to adverse weather conditions. On the evening of July 29, the authorities reported that the towing would have to be postponed for several days due to strong winds blowing from the southwest.

The direction of the wind could spread smoke from the fire to the tug, so it was decided to postpone the operation until weather improvements. It is not yet clear how long the wait will be.

The fire began to subside on Friday, so firefighters decided not to flood the ship for fear of sinking it. This is due to the fact that sea routes pass nearby.

The ship was transporting new cars from Bremerhaven to Singapore, including 498 electric cars.

One crew member died as a result of the fire, there are also affected. A total of 23 crew members were on board.

The cause of the fire has not yet been established, however, according to one version, one of the electric vehicles ignited.

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