Shark nets removed in Egypt

Shark nets are being removed on the beaches of Hugarda

Shark nets removed in Egypt

Shark nets removed in Egypt

On the beaches of hotels in Hurghada, the nets previously installed for the safety of vacationers are being removed.

Local scientists believe that such barriers only increase the danger to tourists. Protective nets are clogged with algae, which attracts fish, including sharks.

The Egyptian government plans to improve security measures on the beaches. It was decided to install towers five meters high for observation and send speed boats on duty. This will allow rescuers to quickly provide first aid if necessary.

Also, in order to prevent shark attacks on swimmers, chipping will be carried out, which as a result will allow tracking the movements of aggressive predators using satellite observation.

Recall that in early June, one shark attacked 23-year-old Russian citizen Vladimir Popov right in the center of Hurghada near Dream Beach. As a result of these developments, hotel owners began to install protection nets from marine predators on their beaches.

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