Self-taught artist decorates a mountainside

French artist Saype decorates a mountain with a painting with deep meaning.

Self-taught artist decorates mountainside

Self-taught artist decorates mountainside

The self-taught French artist is known for his works that he paints in different parts of the world. This time he decided to choose the green slopes of Mont Blanc to create his new painting, which depicts a child and an elderly man. “The idea is to build bridges between generations,” — says the artist.

Saype began creating his art in 2012, some of his works spanning 10,000 square meters.

He uses environmentally friendly paint that is completely biodegradable to convey messages of solidarity and address pressing issues such as Europe's refugee crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2018, he created an art object in support of the SOS Mediterranean association right in the center of Geneva, which was reportedly viewed by more than 120 million people.

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