Sea otter steals boats from surfers

Experts don't know why.

Sea otter steals boats from surfers

Sea otter steals boats from surfers

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According to experts, there is no clear explanation for the behavior of this sea otter, which has been seen chewing on surfboards, according to experts.

Recently, the California otter has been the subject of media attention for its unique and disturbing interactions with surfers.

Photographer Mark Woodward has recently been posting photos and videos of southern sea otters riding surfboards they stole. One particular otter, named 841, has received particular attention and has been involved in multiple incidents, with video footage showing her relentlessly chewing on boards, scaring one of the surfers.

Authorities and wildlife experts are yet to come up with a clear explanation for this five-year-old otter's behavior, but have said they are working to find, capture, and relocate it.

While the videos and photos invite jokes about that the otter defends its territory in the water, Woodward and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency warn that its behavior is extremely unusual and a danger to people and animals.

“It may sound cute and funny, but this behavior is getting dangerous and I'm afraid I'll have to capture this otter who was born in captivity and was released into the wild when she was old enough to be relocated to a shelter.” said Woodward, posting a photo of the 841st otter sitting on a surfboard.

The Federal Fish and Wildlife Administration and the State Department said they are aware of the otter and its “aggressive” otter. behavioral features. They are working with the Monterey Bay Aquarium to find and study the animal before finding it a new habitat on a long-term basis. They don't know what motivates 841st otters to chase people in the water, but they say that the aggressive behavior of female southern sea otters may be due to hormonal surges or being fed by humans.

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“Despite In the absence of a confirmed case of injury, kayakers, surfers and others recreational in the area should not approach or encourage interaction with this otter,” the Fish and Wildlife Agency said in a statement.

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