Salou in June: a long-awaited rendezvous with summer on the Costa Dorada

The fabulous coast of Spain, the Costa Dorada, is washed by the waters of the Balearic Sea and basks in the sun all year round. Costa Dorada means “golden coast” in translation. Indeed, the fine yellow sand resembles a gold placer. This region is just made for a beach holiday, and in June the active swimming season begins.

Acquaintance with the Costa Dorada is worth starting with the main resort town — Salou.  The resort is certified as a “Recommended Family Travel Destination”, which is one of the reasons why it is so loved by holidaymakers with children. Kidpassage will tell you about all the other pros, cons and features of visiting Salou at the beginning of summer.

Salou in June: a long-awaited rendezvous with summer on the Costa Dorada

Holidays in Salou in June: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

Salou is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. The resort received such a title quite deservedly, because it has a lot of significant advantages: a clean coast, hotels that are ideally adapted for family holidays, Blue Flags; on the beaches and more.

Each season has its own characteristics, so reviews about holidays in Salou in June are not only positive, there are also some negative nuances. However, in fairness, it should be noted that most of the city's guests still go home satisfied with their vacation. What are the main advantagesof visiting a resort in the first month of summer?

  • Beach season. In May, the beaches of Salou are not empty, but the full swimming season begins with the advent of summer, when the sea warms up to the most comfortable temperature.
  • The opportunity to visit the amusement park “PortAventura”. In summer, the best entertainment center in all of Spain welcomes guests. Many come here just to visit it.
  • Excellent weather for sightseeing trips.
  • Feast of the “Bonfires of St. Juan”. In the first month of summer, guests of Salou get the chance to take part in folk festivals. We will tell you more about the holiday below.
  • Weather conditions. Summer in Spain is quite hot, but at the very beginning of the hot season, the sun is not so aggressive.
  • Variety of local fruits on the shelves. After a long school year, children need to recuperate. Indulge the kids with fruits and vegetables, which are already more than enough in Spain in June.

Disadvantages Salou in June are not so obvious and significant as to spoil the rest, but that’s all these disadvantages should be taken into account:

  • Cool sea at the beginning of the month. If you want to come to Salou just for the sake of a good beach holiday, then it is better to book a tour for the end of the month, when the water is already well warmed up.
  • Cold evenings. The gap between day and night air temperatures is quite large. Take warm clothes with you so as not to get too cold during night walks.
  • The influx of vacationers. In summer, the period of school holidays and holidays begins, so tourists are actively arriving on the Costa Dorada. You need to take care of booking a hotel room in advance.

Weather in Salou in June

Weather in Salou in June — July is great for all kinds of holidays. The sun is moderately hot, and the sea is quite warm. In the middle of summer, the streets become hot, but thanks to the local climate and sea breezes, the high temperature is easily tolerated.

The weather in early June is typically summer. However, despite the warm sunny weather, the sea is still not warm enough. You can sunbathe on local beaches, but you will have to give up long swims.

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The temperature in Salou in mid-June is consistently high (+25 ° C or more), but, as we wrote above, the heat is easily tolerated due to the mild climate and sea winds. In addition, evenings bring invigorating freshness.

The weather in Salou at the end of June pampers the guests of the resort with an abundance of sunshine and fine days. At this time, the beaches of the Costa Dorada are flooded with vacationers — everyone wants to refresh themselves in the cool waves. However, the popular sightseeing routes are also not empty, as the heat has not yet reached its peak and the guests of the resort still have the opportunity to take long walks in the fresh air.

Air and water temperature

The entire Costa Dorada is influenced by the Mediterranean climate, which is considered the most favorable for recreation and living. Although in summer the air temperature can exceed +30 ° C, there is still no extreme, suffocating heat here. And in winter, Salou does not suffer from severe frosts. It is comfortable to visit the resort at any time of the year.

Air temperature in Salou in June

The average day and night temperatures in Salou in June are +26.2 °C and +19 °C, respectively. Spanish evenings can hardly be called cold, the word “refreshing” is more suitable. It is better to stock up on a windbreaker so as not to experience discomfort during evening walks.

Sea water temperature

The Balearic Sea warms up ideally by the end of June, but already from May there is activity on the beaches of Salou. At the beginning of summer, the average water temperature is +21.9 °C. It is better for tourists with small children to come to Salou in the last days of the month or at the beginning of July.


Cloudy and rainy weather is not typical for the Costa Dorada, but even in summer slight precipitation is possible. The average rainfall is 32.2 mm, about 3 rainy days are expected.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

Good news — vacationers in June will not find a single cloudy day. Cloudy days occupy 10% of the entire month. Sunny weather pleases residents and guests of the resort for 90% of the days.

Weather in Salou in June — sunny and warm. The Spanish sun is treacherous, so don't forget to pack sunscreen and hats in your luggage. It is better for people who are aimed exclusively at a beach holiday to come here in the last decade of the month.

Beach break

Salou in June: a long-awaited rendezvous with summer on the Costa Dorada< /p>

The fact that the Balearic Sea at the beginning of the month is not very suitable for swimming does not stop the guests of Salou — with the beginning of the hot season, the local beaches are crowded. Tourists come here not only to swim, but also to sunbathe, relax in sun loungers, breathe the sea air and admire the beautiful views.  

Each Salou beach is great for a family holiday, the infrastructure is at a high level. Many bathing areas have received the prestigious Blue Flag award. All city beaches are free, you only have to pay for an umbrella and a sun lounger.

«Playa Punta Larga»

In the very center of the city there is a cozy beach surrounded by pine trees (just imagine how clean the air here is!). The length of “Playa Punta Larga” is 600 m, and the width — 35 m, more than enough space for rest. There are sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins, showers, so that the most comfortable conditions are created for visitors. The beach also offers a wide range of water activities.

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Levante — one of the Blue Flag beaches. Ecology and purity of water correspond to the highest level. The infrastructure is well developed (however, as on the other beaches of the resort), there is a large selection of children's and adult entertainment, playgrounds are equipped for kids. Levante is one of the longest beaches in Salou, but in the summer it is still difficult to retire here.

Chaplain Bay

there is a picturesque place — secluded bay of Chaplains, surrounded by rocks. The beach area is small, only 200 m long, but well-maintained. Children can ride slides and swings, adults — windsurfing and other water sports.

Sightseeing holidays in Salou

Salou in June: a long-awaited rendezvous with summer on the Costa Dorada

The resort has a large number of attractions, the inspection of which will be a great addition to a beach holiday. Undoubtedly, the best place for a family pastime is Port Aventura. You can talk endlessly about this entertainment center. But, as they say, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Be sure to add “PortAventura” to the list of must-see places and enjoy the entertainment, while we share information about other, less popular attractions.

  • Things to do with children in Salou

Macia Catalana Estate

The arrangement of the architectural complex illustrates the rural life and life of the Catalans. The territory of the estate Macia Catalana and the park adjacent to it is 5200 m2. Numerous genre expositions of peasant life are presented here, there is a craft market, souvenir shops and playgrounds. At the beginning of June, when it is still not too hot outside, it is pleasant to spend the whole day in the manor.

King Jaime Boulevard I

At the end of June, you can take a break from the heat of the day during an evening walk along the boulevard of King James I. Palm trees and flower beds are planted on both sides of it, and in the middle there is a monument to the king with an equestrian statue that has been decorating the boulevard since 1965. In the evening, in the summer, musical fountains are turned on, the multi-colored jets of which gracefully shimmer to the melodic sounds.

Torre Vella

Torre Vella, or the fortress of Charles V, despite frequent raids, has survived to this day almost in its original form. The fortress hosts an exhibition of 20th-century paintings and a Museum of Contemporary Enamel on a permanent basis. A picturesque garden is laid out around the building, where sculptures by modern masters are located. Torre Velha is open to visitors every day, even on holidays and weekends, admission is free.

Here are some places worth visiting for tourists with children:

  • «House of Illusions»< /li>
  • Bosc Aventura Rope Park
  • Waterpark in the neighboring province of La Pineda

Tourists can appreciate other attractions of the Costa Dorada. So, children will be delighted to visit the water parks in La Pineda and Tarragona. In an hour and a half you can drive to the legendary Barcelona with its amazing museums, parks and numerous attractions.

Holidays, events, festivals

Almost every month, cheerful Spaniards organize festivities, and there are a lot of reasons for this in the calendar. Holidays in Salou in June — San Juan Night(“Bonfires of St. Juan”), which is usually celebrated from June 23 to 24. San Juan — a magical night full of superstitions, this is the time when pagan and religious traditions are closely intertwined. The Spaniards make big fires, because, according to legend, the fire takes away everything bad and protects from evil spirits. It is believed that if you jump over the fire, then the whole next year will be lucky.

On June 20, the religious population of the country celebrates Corpus Christ Day— one of the most significant holidays of the Catholic Church. A solemn procession passes through the streets of the city, Catholics carry a flower platform on which a tabernacle is installed. Following the column are children scattering rose petals.

Prices for vacations in June

Salou in June: a long-awaited date with summer on the Costa Dorada

Since the high tourist season begins in summer, prices in Salou rise slightly in June. However, the resort will be able to organize a vacation of any level, so you can save money if you wish.

Price of tours

The cost of tours is steadily increasing with each summer month. So, in July, tour operators raise prices by 45%. In August, the cost increases by another 12% compared to July prices.


The same trend can be seen with air travel. Thus, June — cheapest month to fly. In June, passengers pay 10% less than in July.


With the advent of hot summer, local hotels raise prices for accommodation. In June, the room rate is 101% higher than in May. In the middle of summer, guests pay 39% more than in June. The average cost of living in May is 66 euros, in June — 134 euros, in July — 221 euros

  • The best hotels in Salou for families with children

Meals and transfer

Spanish cuisine is amazing with a variety of ingredients and tastes. Be sure to treat yourself to traditional dishes. Lunch in a middle-class cafe costs about 15-20 euros, a meal in a restaurant will cost 40-50 euros (wine is included in the price). In Salou, you can also eat inexpensive fast food (about 10 euros per serving).

The resort is not that big, but the transport system works smoothly, buses run around the city, on which passengers travel not only to locations within the city, but also to the nearest settlements. For example, a ticket to Barcelona costs about 15 euros, to Tarragona — 6 euros.

In Salou, tourists are offered to use taxi services. The fare costs no more than 10 euros within the city and about 20 euros to the nearest resorts. Fans of active pastime often rent bicycles and electric scooters.

How to dress in Salou

Since it is still cool on June evenings, summer clothes alone are not enough at the resort. In addition to T-shirts and T-shirts, shorts and sundresses, put a light windbreaker and jeans in your suitcase. Also take care of closed practical shoes for walks at night and sightseeing routes.

Add beachwear and shoes to the list of things. Don't forget your hat, sunglasses and high SPF cream — here are the things you will use daily.

  • Family holidays in Salou: Kidpassage tips

Recommendations for holidays with children

Salou — An ideal place to bring the kids for a summer getaway. However, it is better to book a tour for the middle or end of the month, when the Balearic Sea warms up well. In general, the resort is great for tourists with children.

In June, favorable weather conditions are created for a beach and sightseeing holiday, the legendary Port Aventura amusement park is open, and delicious fruits ripen. Local hotels marked DTF are ideal for families.

With the beginning of summer, you want adventure and vivid impressions, all this tourists will receive during their holidays in Salou. However, no matter where in the country you go, you are guaranteed a first-class vacation. We recommend that you read the Kid Passage article “Spain in June: 33 Pleasures”, where you will find additional information about the nuances of a summer holiday in the homeland of bullfighting and flamenco.

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