Salou in August: an ardent date with Spain

90 km from Barcelona is the small resort town of Salou, which is considered the tourist center of the Costa Dorada. It can be safely called an exemplary resort, because all the components of an ideal holiday are observed here in the necessary proportions: five city beaches marked with the Blue Flag, several entertainment locations, including — Spain's best amusement park “PortAventura”, hotels with a good level of service, many cafes and shops and other infrastructure.

It is quite hot here in summer, in August the thermometer rarely drops below +30 °C. However, Mediterranean breezes soften the high air temperature a little. In addition, the abundance of green spaces in the city gives a saving shade and saturates the air with freshness. In this article, Kidpassage will tell you in detail about holidays in Salou at the end of summer.  

Salou in August: an ardent date with Spain

Holidays in Salou in August: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

Reviews of holidays in Salou in August, which are on tourist forums quite a few describe Salou as a good holiday destination. Let's name the main advantagesof a summer holiday in the main resort of the Costa Dorada:

  • Sea water temperature. Basically, tourists come to Salou exclusively for a beach holiday, and they certainly get it. The Balearic Sea pleases with high temperatures, which are suitable for swimming even for small children.
  • Weather conditions. It is hot in Spain in August, but the Mediterranean climate creates such conditions that the August heat is much easier to endure than, for example, in more arid regions.
  • The opportunity to visit the legendary amusement park PortAventura.
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In general, the resort has a lot of advantages that are not tied to a specific time of the year. This is the presence of family hotels, well-equipped clean beaches, a large selection of entertainment for children and adults, proximity to the airport and much more.

Disadvantages Salou doesn't have that many in August. The biggest annoyance is the crowds of tourists. August — the finish line of the holiday season and school holidays, so people at the resort are apparently invisible.

Foreigners with babies and the elderly should also take into account that it is hot here in the middle and end of the month. The temperature is not critical, but if you like cool, refreshing weather, then it is better to postpone your trip to Salou to September.

Weather in Salou in August

Weather in Salou in August — September is hot and sunny. Rains during this period are rare and often short-lived. In general, the end of summer and the velvet season are distinguished by favorable conditions for recreation — no extreme temperatures, no biting winds, no downpours will spoil your holiday.

It gets hot in Salou from mid-summer, so the weather in early August is not very suitable for outdoor daytime excursions. Most vacationers spend all day on the coast, where you can cool off in the sea waters and enjoy the breath of the breeze.

The daytime temperature in Salou in mid-August usually does not fall below +27 °C. This is the warmest period of the whole month. The nights are pleasant for walking, there is a slight coolness on the street, but the temperature drop is not critical — on a walk, it is quite possible to do without a jacket or sweater.

The weather in Salou at the end of August shows the highest temperatures. Do not be afraid, because the “highest” in this case — not higher than +30 °С. The low level of humidity makes the heat not so terrible as it seems at first glance.

Air and water temperature

The mild Mediterranean climate of Salou allows tourists to bask on the beaches from May to October. Warm sunny days stay here for a long time.

Air temperature in Salou in August

The average temperature in Salou in August during the day is +29.5 °C. This is not to say that the nights on the Costa Dorada are cold: rather, they are refreshing. In the evening, the thermometer drops to +22.9 °C.

Water temperature in the sea

In August, the average water temperature of the Balearic Sea is +27.6 °C. This is a great indicator even for bathing babies. The sea is warm, but at the same time refreshing.


Rain in August — possible, but unlikely event. If they fall out, then, most likely, in the last decade of the month, closer to September. On average, there are three rainy days for the whole month, bringing with them 35.4 mm of precipitation.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

Number of sunny days in August — 26, which is equivalent to 81% of the month. Cloudy days account for 16%. Overcast days take up the remaining 3% of the month.

Beach break in Salou

Salou in August: an ardent date with Spain

Salou is precisely a beach resort, and first of all, those who prefer relaxation in a sun lounger, rather than an excursion program, come here. At the height of the season, there is simply nowhere for an apple to fall on the coast. Beaches attract people from different parts of the world, many of which are holders of the honorary EU Blue Flag award.


The most famous beach area is Levante, located in the city center. This beach is quite spacious — 1200m long and 100m wide, making visitors feel a bit freer than other beaches where people literally breathe down each other's necks.

The Levant has all the necessary infrastructure and a lot of entertainment. It even has free Wi-Fi.


The second in popularity and size is the Ponent beach. It is noteworthy that it is still called “female”; beach. The thing is that in ancient times, when joint bathing was prohibited, Ponent was visited exclusively by the fair sex. The infrastructure here is developed at a high level, but, unlike the Levante, it is less crowded and noisy.


Capellance, adjacent to the Levante, cannot boast of a large territory — its length is just over 200 m. On both sides, the beach is protected by breakwaters, there are no high waves here — this is a big plus for tourists with children. Benefits for families can also be called a flat sandy bottom and the presence of children's entertainment.

However, the beach has a significant drawback — inaccessibility. You can get to Capellance only by going down a steep ladder or a gentle slope. With a stroller or a small child, such a descent — not an easy task.


Another popular bathing place — Llarga beach, hidden from civilization by a dense wall of tall pines. There are excellent conditions for recovery, which is only worth the local air — a peculiar mixture of the aroma of the sea and the smell of pine needles. Compared to Levante, Llarga — less crowded beach.

More recently, this beach was “wild” area, but thanks to the local authorities, today it is equipped with everything you need to relax: rental of umbrellas and sun loungers, changing cabins, rental equipment for water sports, playgrounds and many other amenities that make a beach holiday more comfortable and enjoyable.

Llarga is usually chosen by vacationers with small children. A large number of reasons make this beach optimal for children: it is less crowded here than on other city beaches, the descent into the water is safe, the water is clean and transparent. Ljarga — calm, quiet place, located away from the city noise. Children can not only splash in the sea and sunbathe on the warm sand, but also take walks along the pine forest with their parents if the sun is hot on the beach. 

Sightseeing holidays in Salou

Salou in August: an ardent date with Spain

The seaside resort of Salou does not abound with impressive sights, but this does not mean that you have to limit yourself to a beach holiday. There are monuments, museums, interesting architectural objects, and simply beautiful places where it is pleasant to stroll in the evenings.

You should start your acquaintance with the city from the main street —King Jaime I boulevard

strong>, the most popular place for walking in Salou. The boulevard is always crowded, especially in the evenings when the fountain show starts — an incredible sight that attracts hundreds of tourists.

The promenade, paved with snow-white tiles, is quite picturesque, and palm trees planted on both sides of the street add beauty to it. In the center there is a monument to King Jaime, and at the end of the street there are several manors in the Catalan modern style, including — famous villa Voramar. In early August, Jaime I Boulevard is flooded with walkers from morning to night, it is unlikely that you will be able to retire here.

  • Things to do with children in Salou

Among the architectural sights, the most significant is the Old Fortress (Torre Vella). This majestic building appeared in Salou in the 16th century in order to protect the coast from pirate attacks. Surprisingly, the fortress has survived almost in its original form to this day.

Today, within the walls of Torre Velha, there is an exhibition of 20th-century paintings and the Museum of Modern Enamel. Around the Old Fortress — a small garden where you can relax at the end of August, hiding in the shade of spreading trees.

If you are attracted by architectural sights, we also recommend visiting Catalan manor and Santa Maria church del Mar. Those who are more interested in beautiful landscapes and the natural world will like Botanical Garden — in terms of area, it is not so big, but this feature only makes it more comfortable. The following locations will delight children:

  • PortAventura
  • Bosc Aventura
  • karting center
  • Costa Caribe Water Park
  • House of Illusions

Holidays, events, festivals

Holidays in Salou in August are infrequent. As a rule, entertainment events are not annual events and are not tied to specific dates.

The Golden Nights Music Festival takes place in Salou every year during the second week of August. The program is quite extensive: in addition to musical numbers and traditional concerts of vocal and dance groups, pyrotechnic shows, theatrical performances, as well as the election of the queen of the holiday are held on the streets of the city.

August 15 is an official holiday throughout the country in connection with the most important religious event — the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Prices for holidays in August

< img title="Salou in August: a hot date with Spain" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/salou-v-avguste-pylkoe-svidanie-s-ispaniej-606d3e3.jpg" alt="Salou in August: an ardent rendezvous with Spain" />

Salou in August: an ardent date with Spain

From May to October, foreigners actively arrive on the Costa Dorada, the flow of tourists thins only by November. Prices in Salou in August are quite high, because this period is the height of the tourist season.

Price of tours

August — the most expensive summer month for a beach holiday. In July, buying a tour is 30% cheaper than in August. In September, prices fall by 20-40% compared to the August price.


Flights to the nearest airport, which is in Reus, become cheaper towards the end of the season. So, in August, prices fall by 15%. Those who come to Salou during the velvet season pay an additional 6% less for the flight than in the last month of summer.


In August, you will not be able to save on accommodation, because local hotels inflate prices to the maximum during this period. In the last month of summer, prices for hotel rooms are 7% higher than in July. In September, guests pay 40% less compared to the August cost. The average price per room in July is 172 euros, in August — 185 euros, in September — 111 euros

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Meals and transfers

 Salou in August: an ardent rendezvous with Spain

No matter what street of the city you find yourself in, there will always be a couple of small cafes in sight. In an economy class establishment, a hearty lunch will cost 10 euros (one serving and a drink). In ordinary cafes, a portion of the main course and a cup of coffee or juice costs about 15 euros. And in restaurants, prices start from 20 euros.

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Salou itself is a small town, but for the convenience of tourists and locals, public transport is available here. For 2 & ndash; 3 euros, the BusPlana bus will take you anywhere in Salou. The bus station is located on Boulevard Jaime I.

Take yourself and the kids on an exciting city tour on the Hop-On Hop-Off tourist train. The route consists of 14 stations, each of which has interesting sights. A child ticket (for passengers under 13) costs 4 euros, an adult — 6 euros. Intercity buses and trains will take passengers anywhere in Spain.

Guests of the resort can also use taxi services — a trip within the city costs about 10 euros, in the evening the price rises slightly. It makes no sense to rent a car in Salou, since all the significant locations can be explored on foot.

How to dress in Salou

Salou in August: an ardent date with Spain< /p>

Leave warm clothes for the coming autumn, because the Costa Dorada in August is a hot summer. But, despite the high marks of the thermometer, just in case, take one set of warm clothes. In order not to forget anything during the preparations, make a list of things for the trip in advance, including the following wardrobe items:

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