Russians will stop traveling because of the dollar and the euro?

Experts gave an approximate value of the dollar and euro exchange rate, at which Russians will stop buying foreign tours.

Will Russians stop traveling because of dollar and euro?

Will Russians stop traveling because of the dollar and euro?

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Due to the fact that the dollar and the euro exchange rate exceeded 100 rubles, tour operators noticed a slight decrease in the number of bookings. However, the amount of sales has significantly decreased, as tourists have adopted a wait-and-see attitude.

Despite the current situation, Russians do not refuse to travel abroad, but reduce the duration of their holidays, choose more affordable flights, agree to more economical accommodation, etc. .d. In other words, they adapt the conditions to their budget, but still decide to travel.

According to Artur Muradyan, CEO of Space Travel and Vice President of ATOR, it will be critical for Russian tourists to reach the 120- 150 euros/dollars. In his opinion, at this level, tourists will massively stop booking vacations abroad.

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