Russians take first place among tourists in Sri Lanka

Every fourth tourist on the island is a Russian

Russians came out on top among tourists in Sri Lanka

Russians take first place among tourists in Sri Lanka

Management of Tourism Development of Sri Lanka (SLTDA) published statistics according to which every fourth tourist on the island is a Russian.

Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is a large island south of India, where a unique culture has developed. There are many interesting places, animals, jungles, seas and beaches. However, in recent months the country has been rocked by protests and social unrest, which is scaring off some tourists.

This year, due to the conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions, the usual holiday destinations, mainly in Europe, have been closed to Russians. Therefore, tourists massively rushed to new countries, incl. to Sri Lanka.

In the first half of November, 6.7 thousand tourists from the Russian Federation arrived at the resorts of the island. This is a quarter of the total number of guests of the country during this time – 27.2 thousand. In second place are guests from India (4.4 thousand), in third – from the UK (2.2 thousand).

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