Russians fight at Antalya airport

One ​​of the passengers' clothes were torn off

Russians fought at Antalya airport

Russians fought at Antalya airport

Russian tourists started a fight right at the airport of the resort town of Antalya in southern Turkey, 360 TV channel reports.

The plane with vacationers was supposed to return to Moscow on Thursday evening. For reasons not yet established, 20 people were not taken on the flight without any explanation. Luggage was also never returned. They were all clients of the Sunmar travel agency.

Tourists tried to get information and guides from the airport or the travel agency's hotline, but did not receive a response anywhere. Passions escalated to the point that a fight broke out between them.

Not only Russians, but also Turkish police officers who were on duty at the airport were involved in the brawl. The published footage shows that one of them is trying to hold back the crowd. One of the passengers had his T-shirt torn.

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