Russians cancel tours to Kaliningrad due to evacuation rumors

Local authorities reported this

Russians cancel tours to Kaliningrad due to evacuation rumors

< i>Russians cancel tours to Kaliningrad due to evacuation rumors

Russian citizens began to cancel tours to the Kaliningrad region due to rumors of a possible evacuation and blockade, local authorities said.

The Kaliningrad region is an exclave within Russia. It is separated from the rest of the country by the territories of Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions, communication with the region was difficult. For example, from Moscow to Kaliningrad, planes now fly north to St. Petersburg, turn around over the Baltic, and then move back south over neutral waters along the Baltic coast.

As Andrey Yermak, Minister for Culture and Tourism of the Kaliningrad Region, said, in recent days, Russians have canceled about 15% of tours to the region due to new fears of an escalation of the political situation.

"Now people are able to high anxiety and anxiety. Allegedly, some kind of evacuation begins in the Kaliningrad region. Or martial law is introduced here. Or some other nonsense", — said the official.

In his opinion, in 2-3 weeks the situation will return to normal, as it was already in the spring.

“After a fairly active start sales in the spring, we then had a situation with rumors about the introduction of the so-called blockade, which in fact was not a blockade. But for any person living in Russia, the word “blockade” has a very serious negative connotation”, — Ermak added.

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