Russian Railways told about the new rules in trains

New rules for long-distance train passengers will come into force in September.

Russian Railways told about new rules on trains

Russian Railways told about new rules on trains

Russian Railways presented detailed information about the new rules on long-distance trains that will enter effective from September 2023. The changes include rules for buying tickets after the expiration of the passport and a ban on the use of musical instruments during the trip. The company said that these rules were developed to fill gaps in the regulation of passenger transportation.

It is important to note that citizens are required to comply with transport security requirements, including passing mandatory screening. It was also clarified that if the passport or birth certificate expires, you can purchase a ticket within 90 days.

It is now forbidden to use musical instruments and sound amplifying devices on the train, except for hearing aids and headphones.

In addition, the transportation rules state that small dogs can be transported without a cage only on the floor in a special separate compartment, in the supplied muzzles and on leashes.

However, specific details and amounts of fines may change during the process rule improvements.

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