Russia was accused of disrupting the ski season in the Alps

The cost of lift tickets has already increased by 10%

Russia was accused of disrupting the ski season in the Alps

Russia was accused of disrupting the ski season ski season in the Alps

German media write that Russia's military operation in Ukraine has led to an increase energy prices in Europe. Among other things, this jeopardized the ski season in the Alps.

Due to climate change, many Alpine mountain resorts experience very little snow in winter. Therefore, for several years now, their leadership has resorted to the help of snow cannons. These generators spray water under high pressure so that in the cold it instantly turns into snow.

The operation of such devices requires a lot of electricity. Due to rising prices, many alpine resorts can no longer afford artificial snow. To cover the costs, they raise the price of ski holidays. In response, they are forced to give up their favorite sport.

According to the calculations of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, this year the cost of lift tickets at the country's ski resorts has already increased by 10%. There is no way the authorities can stop this process.

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