Russia and Türkiye agreed to increase the number of flights

The Russian aviation authorities have confirmed the applications of Turkish airlines for additional flights in the amount of 49 flights per week.

Russia and Turkey agreed to increase the number of flights

Russia and Turkey agreed to increase the number of flights

Russian air carriers plan to increase the number of flights to 720 flights per week to 62 destinations. Also, for the summer of 2023, Turkish airlines have approved applications for regular flights on 37 routes in the amount of 629 flights per week. 

Thus, it is expected that the total number of flights per week between Russia and Turkey will be about 1, 3 thousand.

The number of flights will be increased in several directions. Every week there will be 7 flights Antalya-Saratov, 21 flights Istanbul-Moscow and Antalya-Moscow and 14 flights each on the following routes: Istanbul-St. Petersburg, Antalya-St. Petersburg, Antalya-Kazan and Antalya-Yekaterinburg.

Moreover, earlier in the Association of Tour Operators of Russia she spoke about the conditions for reducing the prices of air tickets to Turkey: it is necessary to expand quotas for flights between Russia and Turkey.

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