Roman Kostomarov visited the ice show in Sochi

The skater made a video message to subscribers from Sochi.

Roman Kostomarov visited the ice show in Sochi

Roman Kostomarov visited the ice show in Sochi

Skater Roman Kostomarov recently returned to the ice after a long period of illness and rehabilitation. After the amputation of both feet, he was fitted with prostheses, which he successfully mastered. Now he not only walks confidently and climbs stairs, but can also run.

Many were skeptical and doubted that Kostomarov would be able to return to sports, but his fans always believed in his strength and victory. Today the skater expressed his gratitude to his loyal fans.

Roman Kostomarov posted a video message on his page. He thanked everyone for their support and wished good health.

Oksana Domnina, wife of Roman Kostomarov and mother of his children, also expressed her gratitude: “Thank you very much to all of you. We all read, see and feel. We really appreciate your kind words and good wishes. Take care of yourself.

Currently, Roman and Oksana are in Sochi, where Ilya Averbukh's ice show is on tour. In the past, Kostomarov himself performed on this show, but now he is only supporting his wife. Oksana took on the financial support of Roman's expensive treatment and rehabilitation.

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