Riots in France scare away tourists

Foreign tourists refuse to travel to France due to riots.

Mass riots in France scare away tourists

Mass riots in France scare tourists away

The head of the Paris Tourist Office, Jean-Francois Rial, said that because of the wave of violence in Paris, there is mass cancellation of bookings. Statistics show that approximately 20-25% of international customers have canceled their trips to Paris and he expects the same numbers to be the same throughout France.

Rial also noted that about 15% of American tourists have already canceled from trips to France, which deals a serious blow to the country's tourism industry. He noted that since the beginning of the year, the number of tourists from the United States in Paris has grown by 25%, which partially compensated for the absence of Russian and Chinese tourists.

Jean-Francois Rial added that such incidents scare away American and Japanese tourists, because as they are historically the most sensitive to security issues.

Recall that large-scale protests and pogroms in France began as a result of the events that took place on June 27, when a 17-year-old teenager died during detention. The police reported that he did not follow the instructions of law enforcement officials. Charges have been filed against the shooter.

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