Rhodes in July: the sea and again the sea!

Washed by two seas, the island of Rhodes has long been one of the first places in the list of the most popular resorts in Greece. Everyone here will find an acceptable type of recreation for themselves: lovers of lying on the beach go to the Mediterranean Sea, surfers and athletes prefer the Aegean. Rhodes in July is experiencing the peak of the tourist season, because it is at this time that most European tourists plan their vacation.

Why is Rhodes so attractive in the middle of summer? From the new Kidpass review, you will find out what weather prevails in the resort in the second month of summer, where it is better to relax with children, as well as what to do in Rhodes, except for a beach holiday.

Rhodes in July: sea and more sea!

Rhodes in July: pros and cons

Summer is in full swing! If you have not yet decided where to spend your July vacation, then the sunny Greek island will be a win-win option.

Those who were lucky enough to visit Rhodes at this time leave positive feedback about their holidays in Rhodes in July and do not stop recommending the resort to their friends and acquaintances.

Great beaches with golden sand and small pebbles, comfortable hotels, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, exciting shopping and ancient sights – it's hard to come up with a more interesting and eventful vacation.

Let's name the main advantages, because of which more and more tourists choose Rhodes in the second month of summer:

    < li>In July, real summer comes to the resort.
  • The sea water off the coast of Rhodes has warmed up to a comfortable +26–28 °С and is suitable for swimming even for the smallest vacationers.
  • The probability of rain on the island in July tends to zero. You definitely don’t need to take up space in your luggage with umbrellas and raincoats.
  • In the middle of summer, the season of ripening of local fruits and berries begins: cherries, nectarines, watermelons and melons.
  • one of the most colorful and unusual festivals – Watermelon Festival.

Disadvantagesrecreation is few, but some disadvantages are worth mentioning:

  • it's still too hot for families with kids in July in Rhodes;
  • according to the same therefore, you may be limited in long walks and excursions;
  • on the northern coast of Rhodes in the middle of summer it is quite windy;
  • on the beaches of the resort in the middle of summer it can be crowded;
  • Peak season holiday prices reach their yearly high.

Weather in Rhodes in July

In July, vacationers from all over the world come to Rhodes for a leisurely beach holiday, diving and windsurfing.

Weather in July – August rarely upsets tourists. The sun shines up to 14 hours a day, the weather is clear, precipitation at this time is unlikely. Resort guests prefer to relax on the beach, bask in the warm waves of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, pamper themselves with juicy southern fruits.

Weather in early July – hot and sunny. During the day, the thermometer rises to +25–28 °С, dropping to +20–24°С at night. The heat is more easily tolerated on the seashore, where a refreshing breeze blows. The temperature in Rhodes continues to rise in mid-July and can reach +34 ° C on some days. At lunchtime, it's best to stay in the shade or stay in a hotel. This is especially true for children and the elderly. If you still have to be in the open sun for a long time, be sure to use sunscreen and do not forget your hat.

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The weather in Rhodes at the end of July is ideal for a beach holiday and will delight those who love hot weather and warm sea . The sea on the coast has already warmed up to a comfortable +25–27 °С, the sea surface is usually calm at this time of the year.

Air and water temperature

The climate of the resort can be described as typical Mediterranean. Hot summer days are refreshed by a cool sea breeze. Although the temperature in Rhodes in July is high, there is no suffocating heat here.

Air temperature in Rhodes in July

The equator of summer on a sunny island is always warm and even hot. The average air temperature during the day is +30.3 °C. It is a little cooler at night, on average, the thermometer in the dark stays at +24.2 °C.

The water temperature in the sea in Rhodes in July

< p>The sea in Rhodes continues to warm up in July. The water temperature increases from +25 °C to +27 °C. The average temperature of the water in the sea off the coast of the resort is +26.6 °C.


July is the driest month of the year in the resort . For the second summer month, only 8.2 mm of precipitation falls here, and this is at most 1 rainy day. We can say with confidence that your long-awaited vacation in Rhodes will not be spoiled by rain.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

In the middle of summer, the island has clear sunny weather. All 100% of July days, nothing prevents the heavenly body from warming Rhodes with its rays. Cloudy and overcast weather in July – very rare.

Beach holidays

Rhodes in July: sea and more sea!

When planning a vacation on a sunny Greek island, many tourists get lost when choosing a vacation spot, because Rhodes has many resort villages and small coastal towns. Some of them are more suitable for families, others are chosen by noisy youth companies and lovers of active pastime.

In early July, they are all more or less filled with vacationers, but if you wish, you can find secluded places at this time for a comfortable stay.

Kidpassage has prepared a selection of the most convenient places for different tourist audiences.

  • Ialyssos and Ixia located in the western part of Rhodes and will be the best option for outdoor enthusiasts. Due to the constantly blowing winds in mid-July, this part of the island is great for windsurfing. But for families with children, this is not the most suitable place: due to strong winds and rough seas, swimming with kids will be difficult.
  • The capital of the island, the city of Rhodes, can be advised for youth companies. On the main sand and pebble beach of the city in the middle of summer is always crowded. There are many restaurants, cafes and nightclubs along the coast, where noisy incendiary parties are held in the evenings.
  • Resort village Falirakiwe advise to consider first of all those who came to Rhodes with children . Wide sandy beach, calm warm sea, smooth gentle slope into the water – this is exactly what makes the rest comfortable for both kids and their parents.
  • Kallithea – another resort in the eastern part of Rhodes, where it will be convenient for the whole family to relax. A small secluded village boasts excellent service. On its territory there are several dozens of comfortable hotels, cozy taverns and restaurants. Even at the end of July, when the neighboring resorts are filled with vacationers, there are no such crowds of tourists.
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Whichever resort of Rhodes you choose, you will definitely enjoy your vacation on a sunny Greek island, bring a lot of new experiences and will remain in your memory for a long time. This is what attracts Rhodes – everyone who has been here will find what he needs.

Sightseeing holidays

Rhodes in July: sea and more sea!

We have already said that July is not the best time for long walks. The midday heat is tiring, and prolonged exposure to the open sun is fraught with sunburn. However, to visit Rhodes and not get acquainted with its culture and history would be a serious omission.

  • Things to do with children in Rhodes

Kidpassage advises you to visit the museums of the island. Very interesting and informative expositions are presented here, and a comfortable microclimate is maintained inside the museum halls even in the summer heat.

  1. Byzantine Museumlocated in the capital of the island. Among the most interesting exhibits are magnificent examples of ancient Greek painting, ancient icons and frescoes.
  2. Archaeological Museum has collected in its collection unique artifacts found during excavations on the island.
  3. Museum of Modern Greek Artsituated in several buildings and introduces visitors to the works of artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

And this is not a complete list of museums. You can diversify your beach holiday with daily educational excursions. 

The smallest travelers will not be bored either. For them, the resort provides a lot of interesting entertainment:

  1. Rhodes Water Park is a whole range of exciting aqua-entertainments: slides and pools, trampolines and mini-waterfalls, cozy areas for family recreation, as well as dizzying rides for adults .
  2. The resort's aquarium impresses with its diverse collection of marine life.
  3. The Toy Museum was opened on the island relatively recently, but has already become very popular with tourists.

Holidays, events, festivals

Holidays in Rhodes in July begin with the famous Festival watermelons. It is held in the small town of Apolacchia and lasts for several days.

Many unusual and fun events take place as part of the festival: riding on watermelon peels, football using ripe juicy berries instead of a ball, a relay race with watermelons, puppet shows for the most small and many others.

Carving competitions are of the greatest interest to tourists. Masters from all over Greece compete in the art of creating magnificent sculptures from watermelon pulp. Everyone can take part in master classes in artistic cutting.

As in all of Greece, religious dates are very reverent in Rhodes. There are several of them in July:

  • July 17 is Saint Marina's Day, the patroness of the seas.
  • July 27 – St. Panteleimon's Day. The most significant celebrations take place in the town of Sianna, in the central church of which the relics of the holy great martyr and healer are kept.

Rhodes is interesting in July for music lovers as well. In the middle of the month, the traditional Classical Opera Music Festival welcomes participants from all over the world. In addition to concerts by famous performers, lectures and seminars for guests of the event are held as part of the festival.

Rest prices

Rhodes in July: sea and more sea!

In the summer, Rhodes is at its peak tourist season, and the cost of a holiday increases as the resort fills up with vacationers. Prices in Rhodes in July are the highest of the year, but this is not an obstacle for those who are in love with a sunny resort and want to enjoy the bright sun and warm sea.

Hotel prices

The entire tourist infrastructure of Rhodes is fully operational in July, hoteliers are making every effort to ensure that their guests are satisfied and will certainly want to come back here again.

The average cost of a hotel room in Rhodes in July is about 190 euros, which is more than in June and August, by 22% and 10% respectively.

  • The best hotels in Rhodes for families with children

Airline prices

The indisputable advantage of Rhodes, especially for tourists with children, is that the road to rest does not take much time. The fastest and most convenient way to get to the resort is by air.

Air ticket prices change slightly during the high season. So, in July, air tickets rise in price by 5–7% compared to the previous summer month, and in August prices remain at the level of July.

Prices for tours

Tours to Rhodes in July do not need additional advertising, and operators are striving to meet the increasing seasonal demand.

The average cost of a weekly tour to the Greek island in the second month of summer is 330-400 euros per adult with a standard option accommodation. At the beginning of summer, the holiday budget is 5–7% less, and in August the prices for tours increase by another 3–5%.

Recommendations for children

Rhodes in July: sea and more sea!

And finally, a few important tips for parents. If you are not afraid of hot weather, then we can say with confidence that a vacation in Rhodes in the middle of summer will give you a lot of positive emotions.

Firstly, you should not postpone the trip until your baby grows up. Most hotels in Rhodes offer vacationers all the conditions for a family holiday. Often, hotel restaurants have developed a special children's menu, so if your child eats at a common table, it will not be difficult to make a diet for the baby.

  • Family holidays in Rhodes: Kidpassage tips


Secondly, when choosing a hotel, give preference to hotels located in the southern and southeastern parts of the island. Most of the beaches here are sandy, and the sea is incredibly clean and calm. And the last tip. To reduce your holiday budget a little, use the early booking service: believe me, there are places to spend the saved money on Rhodes.


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