“Pushkin and memory”. Album in memory of A.S. Pushkin 1880

On February 10, the Ostafyevo-Russian Parnassus Museum-Estate opens the Pushkin and Memory exhibition. The exhibition will feature 13 lithographs from the album in memory of A.S. Pushkin of 1880, which are in the collection of the museum-estate “Ostafyevo” uploads/2023/02/pushkin-i-pamjat-albom-pamjati-as-pushkina-1880-goda-0027ecc.jpg” alt=””Pushkin and memory”. Album in memory of A.S. Pushkin in 1880″ />

Pushkin and memory. Album in memory of A.S. Pushkin 1880

Dates :February 10 March 26
Opening date: February 10, 14:00
Venue: Ostafyevo State Museum-Estate – Russian Parnassus , Moscow, Troitskaya street, 1A.

The release of the album was timed to coincide with the installation in 1880 of the first monument to A.S. Pushkin by the sculptor Alexander Opekushin on Tverskoy Boulevard. The large-format edition includes a portrait of the poet, a brief biographical sketch, a poem dedicated to Pushkin by the poet Ivan Kondratiev, and fourteen drawings for the works of Alexander Sergeevich. The illustrations are made in the technique of tone lithography, each is preceded by a sheet with a corresponding fragment of Pushkin's text.

«Pushkin and memory». Album in memory of A.S. Pushkin of 1880

The album was the result of the collective work of famous Russian painters, graphic artists, masters of book illustration of the second half of the 19th century: Nikolai Bogatov, Claudius Lebedev, Nikolai Matveev, Konstantin Trutovsky. The union of artists to create the Pushkin album was not accidental: they were brought together by creativity in the traditions of Russian realistic art, interest in genre painting, poetization of the past, passion for history, life, costumes of ancient Rus'.

Museum-estate “Ostafyevo” ""Russian Parnassus" — a monument of noble culture on the territory of new Moscow. In Ostafievo there is a beautiful palace — a unique example of Russian manor architecture of the 18th-19th centuries — and an old park with a large pond. The history of the estate dates back to the 17th century, since the 18th century it belonged to the family of the princes Vyazemsky, and then the Sheremetevs. In 1804-1816 he lived here and worked on the “History of the Russian State” Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin. Alexander Pushkin came here three times, to whom & nbsp; Ostafyevo owes its second name “Russian Parnassus”. Currently, the museum has permanent and temporary exhibitions, lectures, conferences, excursions, master classes, quests, concerts.

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«Pushkin and memory». Album in memory of A.S. Pushkin in 1880


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