Prices for trips to Turkey are inexorably rising

The cost of tours to Turkey has reached its highest value since January 2001.

Prices for travel to Turkey are rising inexorably

Prices for travel to Turkey growing inexorably

In July, the average cost of trips to Turkey in Russia reached a historical peak and amounted to about 83,400 rubles.

It is specified that in 2001 the average price of a tour to Turkey was about 11,000 rubles. Over time, it gradually increased and in January 2023 reached 52,100 rubles. In May, there was a sharp increase in prices, from 69,000 rubles to 76,200 rubles. At the moment, the average cost of a vacation in Turkey is 83,400 rubles.

In July 2023, the historical maximum prices for tours to several other countries were also reached, including Belarus (29,300 rubles), Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia (54,500 rubles), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan (63,300 rubles).

Earlier it was reported that this year Turkey entered the TOP-5 most expensive holiday destinations for Russians for the first time. In terms of cost, trips to Turkey are second only to the Maldives, Cuba and Sri Lanka.

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