Popular tourist nightclub sinks in Belgrade on New Year's Eve

In 2017, the Freestyler building was already on fire, but no one paid attention to it

A night popular with tourists sank in Belgrade on New Year's Eve club

In Belgrade, a popular tourist nightclub sank on New Year's Eve

In the capital of Serbia, in the midst of New Year celebrations, the building of the Freestyler nightclub sank.

Like many other entertainment venues, Freestyler stands on a river platform on the Danube. This allows its owner not to pay taxes and avoid inspections. In Serbia, such buildings are called “alloys”.

In 2017, the Freestyler was already on fire. Then the ill-fated building was ignored. Recently, the club has become a popular gathering place for youth parties, incl. foreigners.

Now an emergency has happened again in the mountain bar. In the midst of the celebration on the night of December 31 to January 1, the building began to leak and began to go under water.

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