Popular Indonesian island cracks down on lewd tourist behavior

Bali authorities have proposed a ban on mountain climbing as part of their latest crackdown on lewd tourists.

Popular Indonesian island fights tourist lewd behavior

Popular Indonesian island cracks down on tourist lewd behavior

Indonesian island famous for its volcanic peaks and lush rice fields. But now visitors may be denied access to the sunrise experience at the popular Mount Batur and 21 other mountains following a series of nudity incidents.

Last year, a Russian blogger was deported from the country after he posed naked on an ancient sacred tree. In March, another tourist was ejected after a semi-nude photo of him on Mount Agung went viral.

The proposed ban is part of Bali Governor Wayan Koster's plan to curb lewd behavior on the island.

< p>At a May 31 press conference, Coster announced a mountaineering ban with “immediate effect,” according to CNN news channel. It is reported that the ban will apply to both locals and tourists.

In accordance with the Koster plan, tourists visiting Bali will soon be given books with advice on how to dress modestly and behave in holy places .

Other measures have already been taken on the island to curb the dangerous and disrespectful behavior of tourists. Earlier this year, authorities banned tourists from renting motorbikes after a series of traffic violations by foreigners. Instead, visitors are encouraged to rent cars.

However, Indonesia's controversial plans to ban extramarital sex will not apply to tourists.

While Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, Hinduism is the second major religion in Bali. The island is home to Hindu temples and sacred sites, including Mount Agung, an active volcano revered as the home of the gods. It is one of the four sacred mountains, along with Batur, Batukao and Abang.

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