Polina Gagarina went to the Maldives

While haters write angry comments about the figure of the singer, she is resting on the islands.

Polina Gagarina went to the Maldives

Polina Gagarina went to the Maldives

40-year-old star Polina Gagarina is currently on holiday in the Maldives. The singer spends time on the beach and relaxes in the company of friends and relatives. She jokes about her love of bikinis, saying that she already has her 386th swimsuit.

Thanks to physical work and a healthy diet, Polina keeps in good shape. She openly talks about achieving her “dream figure” through daily exercise and proper nutrition. Even on vacation, the singer does not relax with regard to nutrition and physical activity.

Polina Gagarina notes that she has a tendency to be overweight and has gained up to 30 extra pounds several times. However, thanks to regular training under the guidance of her trainer and proper nutrition, she came to an ideal shape.

On vacation, Polina prefers not to use decorative cosmetics and gives rest to her skin after daily complex makeup. In naturalness and tranquility, the singer enjoys the rest and does not react to negative comments about her appearance, feeling comfortable.

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