Phuket in June: features of an exotic holiday

The largest island in Thailand – Phuket – has become a popular tourist destination. In recent years, it has been visited by several million guests from all over the world. Phuket attracts with its color, huge beaches, a variety of hotels, exotic fruits and unusual oriental culture.

A trip to the island in June is not suitable for those who like hot dry weather. At the beginning of the month, monsoons begin to dominate, bringing rain and cooling. However, such a holiday has many advantages. One has only to find out more about them.

What kind of weather awaits you at the resort in June, where to go with the whole family and how to save on vacation, Kidpassage will tell in this article.

Phuket in June: features of an exotic vacation

Holidays in Phuket in June: advantages and disadvantages

Many people choose this Thai island as a place to relax in early summer. Here you can have a good time, get new emotions and get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the local population.

Many tourists who were not afraid of reviews about Phuket in June return from vacation happy and joyful. The fact is that it is quite difficult to predict the weather conditions this month. Instead of a long, week-long downpour, you can get into a comfortable coolness with little morning and evening precipitation.

In the first month of summer, tourists mostly come here not for tanning or sunny beaches. On the island there is something to do even in cloudy weather. Reviews about holidays in Phuket in June are mostly positive.

Let's tell you about the plusesof this resort in early summer in more detail.

  • The beginning of the monsoons brings coolness and reduces stuffiness, even despite the high levels of humidity during this period. This makes it easier to acclimatize and get used to the new climate.
  • Since the season in Phuket falls on the winter period, in June you can get a significant drop in prices. The cost of air tickets, tours and hotel rooms is reduced by an average of 30-40%. Prices are falling in shops, markets and catering places.
  • In June, due to rainy weather, the number of tourists is significantly reduced. This allows you to enjoy empty beaches and comfortable sightseeing trips.
  • The beginning of summer is ideal for lovers of silence and a calm, measured rest.

Phuket is happy to welcome guests at any time of the year, offering quality service. Tours for June should not be booked in advance. Most likely, there are free plane tickets and vouchers in travel companies.

However, this holiday period also has some features that you should know about in advance:

  • In June, strong winds can rise due to the monsoons. This leads to rough seas. Many scheduled cruises or boat trips have to be canceled.
  • Despite the rainy weather, the sun is quite active during this period. The level of insolation is high even on cloudy days. It is important to stock up on tanning products to avoid sunburn.

Holidays in June will appeal to those who love active pastime and are not afraid of rainy weather. Travelers will get a lot of new emotions, get acquainted with local traditional cuisine, attend various shows and take part in extreme entertainment.

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The weather in Phuket in June

Phuket in June: features of an exotic holiday

In June, with the advent of the monsoons, the heat and stuffiness subside. For active and inquisitive tourists, an exciting period of excursions and acquaintance with the culture of the Thais begins. For visitors, a variety of programs and walks around the island are offered. Here, every corner is saturated with secrets and local legends.

In Phuket, you can admire the power of full-flowing waterfalls, visit the orchid garden, go to neighboring small islands to see rare flora and fauna.

Early June – good time for various extreme entertainment. In addition to surfing, here you can try the attraction “Flight of the Gibbon”(rope riding over the abyss), rafting, ATV racing, bungee jumping.

The middle of June pleases with sunny weather and is perfect for families with children. Together with them, we recommend visiting:

  • dolphinarium
  • aquarium on the edge of Cape Pavna
  • crocodile show< /strong>
  • 3D Museum or Upside Down House
  • Phuket FantaSea Theme Park

For those who love nightlife, fun and dancing, we recommend visiting the following places:

  • Siam Niramit will serve you a delicious dinner and show you an exciting program in the open air.
  • Patong is the center of nightlife on the entire island. There are parties, discos, competitions and entertainment for adults.

Phuket shops, fairs and markets are open all year round. At the end of June, shopping here is most profitable due to low seasonal prices. Vendors offer exotic fruits, souvenirs, food, handicrafts and national clothes. Thalang Street turns into a real street food festival on Sundays. Here you can try various exotic snacks, spicy soups and drinks.

  • Family entertainment at the resort

Holidays, events, festivals< /h2>

Holidays in Phuket in June – always fun and great events. This month you can visit local holidays and events.

  1. The main event of June – sports marathon Laguna Phuket. It takes place in the first days of the month on the island. The event gathers from 5 to 15 thousand participants from 50 countries of the world. The total length of the distance reaches 42 km. Everyone can participate in the marathon, from young to old. It's not about winning, it's about participating. Even novice athletes overcome up to 3 & ndash;5 km by walking, while enjoying the surroundings of Phuket.
  2. June 9 opens Boat Festival. This is an amazing night spectacle, when hundreds of small rafts and boats are released onto the water. They are decorated with flowers, lanterns and candles. Such a ritual, according to the Thais, scares away evil spirits from the island. At this time, an entertainment program, a disco and a street food trade are held on the shore at this time.
  3. In the second half of June, the most interesting and fun event called Baba Wedding takes place in Phuket. Descendants of Chinese settlers arrange a wedding festival, which has become an annual holiday. Couples wishing to participate must register in advance. In addition to the official ceremony and the festive procession through the streets of Phuket, the organizers arrange contests and an entertainment program.

Vacation prices

Phuket in June: exotic holiday features

Prices in Phuket in June are quite democratic and affordable for every tourist. The summer period is not considered the peak season, so a vacation on the island will not hit your pocket. This applies not only to tickets, tours or hotels, but also the prices of food and souvenirs.

Hotel prices

The cost of hotels on the island directly depends on the season. From May to October you can find affordable and cheap accommodation with good amenities. The average cost of a hotel room in the first month of summer will be 55 euros. In May, such a room will cost 12% more, and in July 5% cheaper.

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< h3>Flight prices

The best way to get to Phuket is by plane. To significantly save money, it is better to book your departure date in advance. In addition, in June the flow of tourists to the island is reduced, so air tickets will cost less than at other times of the year. The average price for air travel to Phuket at the beginning of summer is 10% lower than in May. In July, the flight price increases by 3–5%.

Prices for tours

Summer tours to Phuket are very popular among surfers and outdoor enthusiasts. Tourists are attracted by the weather suitable for activities, color, local cuisine, national traditions and rich Thai nightlife. The average cost of a seven-day tour in June for one person with accommodation in a budget hotel and a flight will be about 600 euros. This is 15% less than in May and 10% cheaper than in July.

Recommendations for children

Phuket in June: features of an exotic vacation

Whether it is worth planning a trip to Phuket with children, of course, parents decide. Especially when it comes to very young travelers. Older children here will definitely like the local nature, swimming pools and entertainment centers on the territory of the hotels. In addition, they will remember visiting a dolphinarium, a zoo or a crocodile show.

  • Family holidays in Phuket: Kidpass guide

Worth it remember that the beaches in June are not always safe even for adults. Therefore, babies need to be controlled and not allowed to swim on their own. It is important to take care of warm outerwear, raincoats, waterproof shoes, tanning products for the whole family. Hotels tend to offer familiar food and fruits for kids, but street food can be too spicy and spicy for them.

Phuket tour – this is an amazing and exciting adventure for the whole family. Holidays on the island will reveal to you the unusual atmosphere of Thailand with its traditions, color and atmosphere. Here you can enjoy plenty of local cuisine and exotic fruits. If you are going on a trip to an exotic island, read an overview of interesting facts about Phuket in Kidpassage magazine. We wish you a good holiday and a lot of fun for a long time.


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