Philip Kirkorov moves to Greece?

The singer made a shocking announcement.

Philipp Kirkorov is moving to Greece?

Filip Kirkorov moving to Greece?

Philip Kirkorov went to Greece with his children in early July. The artist left his heirs at the resort and periodically visited them, sometimes returning to Russia on business. However, it seems that these trips have exhausted the singer, and he no longer wants to leave the place where he is now.

At the moment, Kirkorov is resting in Greece and spending time on the beach. The singer contacted the public and made an unexpected statement that upset his fans. He hinted that he might stay abroad, because he does not feel a strong desire to return to his homeland.

Kirkorov can be understood, given the latest scandals that haunt him in Russia. At first, the public discussed in detail his plastic surgeries and even doubted whether the artist had replaced himself with a double on stage. Then a scandal erupted around the plastic surgeon Timur Khaidarov, who was accused of poor-quality work.

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