“Peter the Great dreams…” Art exhibition in the library. I.S. Turgenev

“Peter the Great dreams…” What did the emperor dream about?

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“Peter the Great Dreams…” Art exhibition in the library. I.S. Turgenev

Of course, about my  brainchild – rich and respected  Russia, which has weight in the international arena. And this, in his opinion, was composed, like a mosaic, from very different things. Sometimes – unexpected.

From November 30 to December 11 & nbsp; in the Library. I.S. Turgenev  (Moscow,
Bobrov lane, 6, building 1) will be held  exhibition dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I.

Views of St. Petersburg,  sea ​​and  ships, fountains of Peterhof, fireworks and Italian sculpture in the Summer Garden – the exhibition will feature paintings and watercolor drawings inspired by “Peter the Great Dream”.

Works will be presented  artists from the plein air group  Art Experience, Tushino Association of Artists,  as well as painters from St. Petersburg and the Moscow region.

«Petra Great dream...» Art exhibition in the I.S. Turgenev Library


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