Passengers of the airline “Aeroflot” staged a loud scandal

According to eyewitnesses, the passengers still failed to fly away.

Passengers of the Aeroflot airline made a big scandal

Passengers of the Aeroflot airline » made a big scandal

In Moscow on an Aeroflot flight to Petropavlovsk -Kamchatsky, passengers were kept in a closed plane for two hours, and then the flight was postponed without explanation.

Witnesses say that passengers drank all the water available on board the plane, as “the heat was unbearable.” At first they were promised that the flight would take place in 5-10-15 minutes, but in the end they were returned to the airport.

The scandal that broke out forced the airline representatives to return passengers to the plane at about three in the morning, where they spent another two hours . Passengers were then told “that some passengers want to get off the flight and are therefore canceling the entire flight.”

After the scandal, passengers were given food coupons and taken to hotels. It is noted that among them there were many children, as well as elderly people who found it difficult to endure the heat.

Aeroflot flight delay was explained by technical problems

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