Ouspenskaya's daughter spends her holidays in the company of new gentlemen

While Tatyana Plaksina's new forms are being discussed online, she herself is relaxing in the company of several companions.

Uspenskaya's daughter spends her holidays in the company of new gentlemen

Ouspenskaya's daughter spends holidays in the company of new gentlemen

Tatiana Plaksina, Ouspenskaya's 33-year-old daughter, previously didn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps and built her own life. However, after a serious injury and overcoming a harmful addiction, she changed her mind. Now Tatyana performs on stage with the “queen of chanson”, participates in various projects and develops her own career.

She also pays attention to her appearance and does not neglect the services of plastic surgeons. There were even rumors on the Web that she was visiting the same doctor as her mother, and that is why their faces became so similar. Recently, netizens noticed that Tatyana had a plastic breast correction and is now proud of her “confident C grade”. However, in one aspect, Tatyana has not yet succeeded – she still has not found a lover.

Lyubov Uspenskaya says that she is impatiently waiting for the moment when she becomes a grandmother, but at the same time she warns that she will not allow anyone to take away the heart of her heiress. Perhaps because of her mother's strictness and exactingness, Tatyana scares off potential partners. However, when the artist went to the resort and was away from her mother, she was literally surrounded by male attention.

Tatiana showed two men on her social networks. Subscribers noted that Tatyana blossomed next to them and seems to have lost even more weight. Also, some followers suggested that the heiress of the star did not in vain undergo breast augmentation surgery – a spectacular breast adorns her.

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