Opera Del Arte is now in Sochi

Sochi will host the premiere of Russia's first opera performance, Opera del Arte.

Opera Del Arte is now in Sochi

Opera Del Arte is now in Sochi

October 15, the Sochi Winter Theater will host the premiere of the first opera performance in Russia, Opera Del Arte, performed by artists Mariinsky Theater and modern ballet.

The Del Arte genre, which originated in Italy, appeared when artists gave performances on temporary stages, and sometimes right on the streets.

Especially for the production of Opera Del Arte created exclusive handmade designer costumes for soloists, ballet dancers and interactive show actors. Each costume is a masterpiece of art, combining elements of historical dress and modern fashion, reflecting the era of Marie Antoinette, the most daring queen of Versailles. They feature sensual corsets, exquisite lace, updos and wigs of the era, surprisingly combined with the aesthetics of fashion “hooligans”. Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano.

Legendary works of classical music will be performed on the stage of the Winter Theater this evening in a completely new performance by famous artists of the Mariinsky Theater.

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