One of the cities of Portugal was flooded with red wine

This amount of wine would be enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool.

One of the cities in Portugal was flooded with red wine

One of the cities in Portugal was flooded with red wine wine

A river of red wine flowed down a steep hill in a small town located near the coast Portugal, after two tanks belonging to the Levira Distillery suddenly leaked on Sunday and spilled 2.2 million liters of red wine.

Locals watched in bewilderment as wine that would have been enough to fill the Olympic swimming pool, pouring through the city streets.

The spill was so large that local authorities declared an environmental alert and were forced to divert wine to prevent pollution of the nearby Sertima River.

Fire Department Anadia blocked the flow and diverted it away from the river, where it flowed harmlessly into a field, local media reported.

Firefighters said wine flooded the basement of a house located next to the distillery.

Levira subsequently apologized and said it had dredged the wine-soaked land.

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