One hundred days in the open ocean

Amazing rescue of Tim Shaddock and his dog.

Sto days in the open ocean

One hundred days in the open ocean

Australian sailor Tim Shaddock and his dog Bella spent several months in the Pacific Ocean eating raw fish from rainwater. Their ship was damaged by a storm and they drifted in the ocean for several months before they were found. According to doctors, they feel stable. A storm overtook them after starting their journey from Mexico to French Polynesia.

Professor Mike Tipton, ocean survival expert, notes that human and dog success is the result of a combination of luck and skill. He also emphasizes that Tim knew how to protect himself from the heat of the day to stay hydrated. Tipton describes Shaddock's rescue as “finding a needle in a haystack.”

Shaddock and Bella set out from La Paz over three months ago, but shortly after starting their journey, their ship was hit by a storm. They survived by eating raw fish for several months. They waited for rescue, hoping for passing ships. Salvation did not come until two months later, when a helicopter escorting a tuna trawler spotted their drifting boat. Tim and Bella looked healthy and in good spirits despite all the ordeal. The man and his dog have been evacuated and will receive further medical attention.

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