On vacation for 50 thousand rubles

Where can Russians have a budget holiday?

On vacation for 50 thousand rubles

On vacation for 50 thousand rubles

Despite the widespread rise in prices, the vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT), named the countries where Russian tourists can relax for as little as 50 thousand. 

According to survey data , most Russians are not ready to spend more than 25-40 thousand per person on vacation. According to Yuri Barzykin, this amount is quite enough to comfortably rest on the territory of Russia, in Belarus, Abkhazia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

The Vice President of the PCT said: “Many fit into a much more modest budget. It all depends on the dates, that is, on the season, on the type of transport and on the category of accommodation. First of all, he recommends tourists to go to Minsk. It takes only 7-9 hours to get there by train from Moscow, and a nice bonus is that prices in Minsk are lower than in Russia

In all the listed countries of the near abroad, one traveler can book a room in three or a four-star hotel for 5 nights, without going beyond the budget of 50 thousand. 

Previously, tourists preferred to spend the May holidays outside of Russia. Most often, Russians went to Turkey, Cyprus, Greece or the United Arab Emirates. This year, despite the steady increase in prices in all these areas and the reduction in accommodation options, the cost of holidays in affordable overseas destinations has decreased slightly compared to the last few seasons.

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