On Friday morning, the center of Istanbul was on fire

A fire broke out in a hotel located in the center of Istanbul.

The center of Istanbul was on fire on Friday morning

The center of Istanbul was on fire on Friday morning

In the central district of Istanbul, in the Fatih Hotel, a fire broke out on Friday morning. As a result of the evacuation, 40 guests were rescued.

According to the Sabah newspaper, the fire started in the electrical panel of a hotel in the Binbirdirek quarter, in the historical center of Istanbul, at approximately 05:00 local time. Smoke spread throughout the building, and the guests could not leave their rooms on their own.

The firefighters who arrived at the scene rescued 40 tourists from the hotel using fire escapes. Many hotel guests panicked, they tried to save their belongings.

Representatives of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul reported that there was no information about Russians injured in the hotel.

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