Olga Buzova was laughed at

Negative comments rained down on the TV presenter because of her vacation video.

Olga Buzova was ridiculed

Olga Buzova was ridiculed

Olga Buzova, despite her love of travel, often cannot find time for a vacation because of her busy schedule. However, this time she still managed to do it. At the moment she is in the Altai region with a concert program.

Olga decided to use the opportunity to explore the unique nature of Altai. She visited Lake Yarovoye and was impressed by this place.

Seizing the moment, Buzova demonstrated how water keeps her body on the surface. She was delighted with such a pleasant experience.

«Everyone drowns, but I don't! And now I will prove it to you. See, I'm talking and not drowning!»

— said the TV presenter.

However, users on social networks began to write sharp comments and mock the artist's swim. Buzova did not pay attention to topical comments, but simply noted that after swimming in such a lake, you need to take a shower to avoid dry skin due to salt.

Apparently, Olga successfully develops her immunity to negative comments. In response to taunts, she only quotes Eastern wisdom: “Dogs bark, the caravan moves on.”

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