Olga Buzova became a student again?

The TV star was spotted in the student canteen of Arkhangelsk University.

Olga Buzova became a student again?

Olga Buzova became a student again?

An unusual visitor was spotted in the cafeteria of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University – the famous singer, presenter and blogger Olga Buzova. It turned out that the star was traveling around the country with a project called “Olga Vuzova,” which talks about the benefits of technical education in Russia. At the moment she is in Arkhangelsk.

Olga Buzova announced her arrival in Arkhangelsk on her personal page on the social network. The artist shared her impressions of the small airport and went to the hotel. Then she decided to have a snack and was surprised that the nearest KFC was in Moscow, so the TV personality had to dine at another fast food chain, which was unusual for her.

The next morning, Olga showed the view from her window and her makeup. Then she went to NArFU, where the filming of her digital show took place.

Also in Arkhangelsk, Olga Buzova was shown the project of the student campus “Arctic Star”, which will be built for students of NArFU and other universities in a public-private framework partnerships. Funds will be allocated from the budget for the construction of the campus, as well as private investment will be attracted. This project received support from the Government of the Russian Federation. The construction of a student campus was announced by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

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