Nine-year-old daughter of Christina Asmus at the center of the scandal

Netizens are amazed by the girl's behavior.

Kristina Asmus' nine-year-old daughter at the center of the scandal

Kristina Asmus' nine-year-old daughter at the center of the scandal

Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus are raising a common daughter, Anastasia, who was born in January 2014. Although the famous couple divorced, they continue to live together under the same roof, so the girl did not know about their divorce for a long time. However, now that Anastasia has to move to a new house with her mother, she is already aware of the changes in the family situation. She and her mother went on vacation while their new cottage is being renovated.

Asmus found time in her busy schedule and went to Turkey with her younger sister and daughter. The actress, known for her provocative behavior, shared a defiant photo from the resort. Her subscribers were not too surprised by this, as they were already accustomed to such antics of Christina. However, they were concerned that Asmus' behavior affects her daughter and she begins to imitate her mother.

The actress also published a video with Anastasia and her cousin, where they sang lines from the popular song of the Leningrad group “Exhibit” and danced. The video caused mixed reactions from subscribers. Some were outraged by the behavior of the girl, in particular her twerk movements, which were considered inappropriate for her age. Some commentators noted that Anastasia is becoming more and more like her mother and they expressed their concern about her future behavior.

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