Natasha Koroleva conquers new heights

The singer went on another trip with her son.

Natasha Koroleva conquers new heights

Natasha Koroleva conquers new heights

For more than 20 years, Natasha Koroleva has been married to Sergei Glushko, also known as Tarzan.

Despite a series of difficult events that occurred three years ago, the couple maintains their union and, it seems, their feelings only grow stronger over the years.

Probably one of the secrets of a lasting union is that due to frequent tours and separate travels, the spouse they never get bored of each other.

This time, the Queen decided to go on a new adventure without her lover. In her blog, the star shared pictures from her trip to the magical Altai.

Mountain rivers, waterfalls and green forests — The Queen enjoys all this beauty in the company of her adult son Arkhip, who turned 21 this year. 

In addition, the singer does not forget to share her impressions with her subscribers and regularly uploads new videos to her social networks< /p>

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