Named the most inhospitable countries, Russia is not among them

What Russians have not heard enough negative things about themselves in 2022-2023

The most inhospitable countries are named, Russia is not among them

< i>The most inhospitable countries have been named, Russia is not among them

We've heard a lot of negative things about Russians in 2022-2023, especially from representatives of “unfriendly countries”. Now even not being in the top 10 most unfriendly countries can be considered good news!

Passport Index  compiled this year's rating of the most inhospitable countries in the world –  Welcoming Countries Rank. And on the first line are the DPRK, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, by the way, visa countries.

The second place, according to, is Bhutan and Libya, with visa-free entry for tourists from 3 countries.


Third line in Eritrea, which travelers from 4 countries can visit without visas.   Next – Equatorial Guinea, Algeria and Sudan, as well as Cameroon, Myanmar, Yemen, Syria, Liberia, Nauru, Congo and Chad.

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