Named another way to Europe

This year, a real battle between the airlines of neighboring countries is unfolding for a Russian traveler to whom Europe has closed direct access

Another way to Europe has been named

Another name has been given one way to Europe

For a Russian traveler who was denied direct access by Europe this year a real battle is unfolding among the airlines of neighboring countries. If last year the Russians tried routes through Turkey, Serbia and even Armenia, then at the end of March 2023, Uzbekistan Airways announced on its website that it would resume flights to Milan and Paris.

 From March 28, the company will begin flights from Tashkent to Milan, and from March 31 – to Paris.

The press service of the air carrier states that flights will be operated twice a week, and the cost of

tickets on both routes will not exceed 40 thousand rubles.

Russian travel companies have already begun to offer tourists such an exotic route to Europe through Uzbekistan.

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