Moscow will close the swimming season this weekend

Experts say that the upcoming weekend will be the last days of the swimming season in Moscow.

Moscow will close the swimming season this weekend

Moscow will close the swimming season season this weekend

Scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand said that the swimming season in the Moscow region will end on Monday, and the upcoming weekend will delight residents of Moscow and the Moscow region with hot summer weather before the drop in temperatures that will begin next week.

Vilfand recommends enjoying the last days of hot summer weather in the capital at the weekend. Although the temperature will drop a few degrees to +24 – +26 degrees Celsius, it is still above normal and represents real summer weather.

Mostly sunny weather with no precipitation is expected in the capital region over the weekend. The water temperature in the reservoirs will be about +21 – +22 degrees, so you can have a good time near the water.

However, from Monday the temperature will start to drop and will not be so comfortable for swimming. Vilfand noted that this year the swimming season lasted quite a long time – almost two weeks of August.

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