Moscow to host an exhibition of quantum paintings by Olga Hadar

From 17 to 30 November in Moscow, the First Moscow Gallery of Oriental Painting will host a personal exhibition of quantum paintings by Nizhny Novgorod artist Olga Khadar.

An exhibition of quantum paintings by Olga Hadar will be held in Moscow

An exhibition of quantum paintings by Olga Hadar will be held in Moscow

Energy of New Times Exhibition – this is an attempt to convey to viewers how subtle energies work, manifested through color codes on canvas.

Olga Hadar – artist and energy therapist. Based on the wave nature of color – color, like sound, has vibrations, – she creates pictures that have a beneficial effect on the state of health and mood of a person, give a feeling of happiness, love and harmony.

In fact, each of her paintings – energy replenishment, an assistant for energy practices and meditations, as well as a personal talisman, an internal fulcrum for its owner. The artist reads the internal requests of people, and then, being in a state of “flow” (meditation), creates energy intentions and transfers them to the canvas. It can be the harmonization of relationships, abundance (finance, travel, clients, etc.), self-confidence, self-realization – what is relevant for the person at the moment.

Interaction with such a picture can be compared to visiting a place of power. Looking at it, a person comes to the realization of possible, most successful options for achieving the desired. It is not surprising that despite the fact that the artist has been painting for about two years, and this is her second solo exhibition, Olga Hadar's work has many fans. The artist painted more than 150 paintings to order. All of them are in private collections in Russia, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Israel, AOE.

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An exhibition of quantum paintings by Olga Hadar will be held in Moscow

At the exhibition “Energy of New Time” Olga Hadar will present both previously exhibited and new works.  According to the artist, a few months ago, after visiting the Seraphim-Diveevsky Monastery, the energies of Orthodox shrines began to appear in her paintings: icons and miraculous images of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Confessor Matrona of Diveevsky, the Monk Seraphim of Sarov, Sts. a feeling of higher frequency energies, which made it possible to work with people's deep needs: the birth of a child, gaining a sense of security, and others.

Exhibition curator – Yana Evteeva, head of the Opening Exhibitioins art project
The floral design of the exposition was made by Olga Lapshina, a master demonstrator of the ikebana of the SOGETSU school – Yuzan
During the days of the exhibition, art and meditation workshops will be held, as well as author's meetings with the artist.

November 19 at 14:00< br />Master class “Chinese painting. Chrysanthemum on a fan with Alena Moiseeva, where the participants, having learned the basic techniques of working with water, ink and mineral paints on rice paper, will write a noble chrysanthemum on a fan-shaped form and put Chinese seals with good wishes. Chrysanthemum in Chinese culture – a symbol of the triumph of autumn and the challenge of winter. She personifies good spirits and peace. At the beginning of the creative program, Olga Hadar's attunement meditation will be a surprise for everyone. It activates the energies of the creative flow and harmonizes the inner state of everyone.

November 23 at 15.15
Creative meeting with Olga Hadar + tea ceremony. Olga Hadar will talk about her creative path and life philosophy, share her vision about the creativity of the new time, about the energies and interaction with them through color codes in her paintings, and the master of the tea ceremony Miya will immerse the participants in the culture and magic of the action that originated in ancient times and capable of creating a calm psychological mood in a person. A surprise for everyone will be the draw of three alder cuts with drawings by Olga Hadar.

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November 26 at 15:00
The practice of in-line drawing on the disclosure of female energies with Olga Khadar and Natalia Dianova. The participants of the master class will have a meditation-attunement with Olga Khadar and immersion in the female creative flow with Natalia Dianova, the author of live paintings, a master of working with singing bowls. Under the guidance of the hosts, with the help of acrylic paints, they themselves will create an energy picture, transferring the energies of love, femininity, tenderness, creativity, lightness, flight, happiness to the canvas. The written works will reflect the inner state of their authors and will work at their home for harmonization and love!

An exhibition of Olga Hadar's quantum paintings will be held in Moscow< /p>

Register for events via WhatsApp: +7 (916) 582-10-19
Address: Moscow, Maly Kiselny lane, 3, p.2.

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