Monument to Catherine II is being demolished in Odessa

Local public utilities are preparing to dismantle the monument to Catherine II in Odessa.

The monument to Catherine II is being demolished in Odessa

The monument to Catherine II is being demolished in Odessa

As Kommersant writes, it has already been surrounded by a fence of plywood shields. “We apologize for the temporary inconvenience. Preparatory work is underway for the dismantling and transfer of the sculptural composition “To the Founders of Odessa”,»,— said in the announcement on the monument. Monument to Catherine II and her associates — de Ribas, de Volan, Potemkin and Zubov – located in Odessa on Ekaterininskaya Square. It was erected in 1900 according to the design of the Odessa architect Yuri Meletevich Dmitrenko. Sculptor Mikhail Petrovich Popov, with the participation of sculptors Boris Vasilyevich Eduards, Leopold Mentione, engineer A. A. Sikorsky. Dismantled in 1920. Restored in 2007. In October, an online vote was held among the residents of Odessa, dedicated to the future fate of the monument to Catherine II. Most of the poll participants voted for the dismantling of the monument. Monuments associated with Russia are being demolished in Ukraine after the start of a military operation. For example, in October, a bust of Alexander Pushkin was demolished in Kyiv. Similar actions are being taken in the EU countries, for example, in the Baltics.

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