Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

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This review tells about those significant sights of Montreal that every tourist should see. We have compiled a rating, taking into account the reviews and recommendations of experienced guides and travelers. If you want to know what to see in Montreal most often, check out our article immediately.

First things to see in Montreal

If you want your trip to be more truly informative, book the following tours in Montreal:

1. Old Montreal

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Old Montreal – a historic quarter in the city of Montreal denisbin

The historic center of the city with a special flavor and incredible architectural buildings. It is here that the main part of Montreal's museums is located, as well as those objects of culture and history that you should definitely see: Jacques Cartier Square, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc.

2. Mont-Royal

< p>Montreal Attractions: Top 26

View of the city of Montreal from the observation deck on Mount Royal Guilhem Vellut

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Mont-Royal Park is a popular holiday destination for Montreal residents

This relatively small hill with three peaks offers the best views of the city. Montreal landmarks such as the Oratory of St. Joseph and a 30-meter stone cross are located on the territory. At the end of the 19th century, a wonderful park was built on one of the peaks of Mont-Royal: in winter you can ride a skateboard and ski, in summer you can walk or bike.

Official website: https://www.lemontroyal

3. Old Port of Montreal

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

View of the Old Port of Montreal Gjm130

In previous years, this object was a key transport hub of the city. Now it is known, for the most part, as a great place to relax and walk. And also thanks to its science museum and IMAX cinema. The port is active: commercial and cruise ships come here. There is a square along the terrain.

Official site:https://www.oldportof

4. Montreal City Hall

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

The five-storey Second Empire Montreal City Hall building in Old Montreal Robert Cutts

The Beaux Arts City Hall is located in the historic part of Montreal, and serves the needs of the city council. The first building was almost completely destroyed by a terrible fire. Only the walls survived. The new town hall, later recognized as a national treasure, was erected under the leadership of L. Parant.

5. Notre Dame Cathedral

Montreal Attractions: Top 26


Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Magnificent Interior of Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal Becky85

Arriving in the city of Montreal, you should definitely visit this large cathedral. The Neo-Gothic building impresses with the luxury of the interiors and its bell towers, reaching a height of 70 meters. Date of construction, carried out at the direction and with the money of Catholics, 1672. In the middle of the 20th century, a large-scale reconstruction was carried out. At the end of the 19th century, Notre Dame Cathedral of Montreal was the largest religious building in North America. Guides in Montreal recommend visiting such sights of Canada in the first place.

Official site: https://www.basiliq

See the beautiful places of Montreal in this wonderful video!

6. St. Joseph's Oratory

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Oratory of St. Joseph of the 20th century on Mount Royal in the city of Montreal Guilhem Vellut

Catholic church built in the 20th century. Initially, the basilica was a small chapel, designed for a modest number of parishioners. However, as needed, the building was expanded (construction work lasted more than 40 years). Brother Andre, who is the founder of the oratory, was known for his deeds. Therefore, believers from different parts of the state and the world aspired and still strive to get to the temple.

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Official website: https://www.saint-joseph

7. Cathedral of Mary Queen of Peace

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Cathedral of Mary the Queen of Peace surrounded by Montreal skyscrapers Robert Cutts

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Gold-plated arches and cornices of the Cathedral of Mary Queen of Peace in Montreal Robert Cutts

The Catholic Church, built at the end of the 19th century and “copying” the appearance of the Vatican Cathedral of St. Peter. The building in the Renaissance and Baroque styles is surrounded by modern skyscrapers. Compared to the prototype in the Vatican, the complex in Montreal has a significantly smaller size. In addition, its interiors are different. However, if you are interested in the best attractions in Montreal, come here.

8. Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Facades of Notre Dame Cathedral- de Bon-Secours from the Old Port in Montreal Selbymay

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Soaring models of sailing ships under the vaults of the Church of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours GPS

The building of the 18th century, made on the remains of a chapel destroyed by fire, in the architectural style of “Norman Gothic”. Inside there is a museum, the exhibitions of which demonstrate the history of the formation of the city and tell about the life of the great martyr. The interiors of the cathedral are majestic and rich.

Official website: https://margueritebour

9. Arts Square

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Montreal's premier performing arts center at night © Caroline Bergeron

All kinds of art objects in the city are found everywhere. And especially if you come to this famous square. There are two dozen musical swings on the territory. Each of them has its own sound (piano, guitar and other instruments). The notes rise as the person in the swing swings higher and higher. To create a pleasant melody, it is necessary that all the swings move to the beat. There are also many other free entertainment on the square. Nearby is a multifunctional center offering visitors a variety of educational pastime options – from visiting ballets and operas to getting to know the paintings of unknown artists. If you don't know what to see in Montreal in 1 day, a visit to the Arts Square is the best solution.

10. Montreal Biodome

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

View from the tower of the Olympic Stadium on the building of the former velodrome (Biodome) in Montreal Guilhem Vellut

The complex, which includes a menagerie, an ethnopark with 5 different ecosystems, a research center. On a vast territory, the conditions of various places on our planet are successfully simulated. For example, the conditions of hot and humid tropics, whose inhabitants are caimans, capybaras and exotic birds. Once in the ocean zone, you can watch the fish in a giant aquarium and the seagulls nesting on the rocks. Among the inhabitants of the Siberian taiga are beavers, otters and lynxes. Such interesting places in Montreal are worth visiting with the whole family.

Official website: http://espacepour

11. Montreal insectarium

< img title="Montreal Attractions: Top 26" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/dostoprimechatelnosti-monrealja-top-26-a76e512.jpg" alt="Montreal Attractions: Top 26" />< /p> James David Rogers Montreal Insectarium Exhibit

The complex was based on collections of insects, transferred to the center by the entomologist Brossard. The opening date of the insectarium is 1990. Currently, there are over 250,000 species of insects, about a hundred of which are alive.

12. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Central entrance to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on Sherbrooke Street Shinya Suzuki

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Interior view of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Daderot

What to visit in Montreal for fans of fine arts? This is the oldest museum in the country and one of the most famous museums in North America. In previous years, it functioned as a traveling exhibition. The basis for the creation of the museum complex was canvases from the private collection of B. Gibb. He also sponsored the founding of the Association financially. In the future, many wealthy residents of the city followed his example.

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Official website: https://www.mbam.

13. Museum of Modern Art

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Montreal Museum of Modern Art at Jeangagnon Place des Arts

A visited large center, the exhibition samples of which were created by our contemporaries. In the collections, for example, expressionist paintings of France. In addition to viewing the exhibits, guests can enjoy various choreographic and theatrical performances held at the museum.

Official website: https://macm

14. Redpath Museum< /h3>

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

The Redpath Museum building on the main campus of McGill University in Montreal Jeangagnon

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Gorgosaurus skeleton at the Redpath Museum in Montreal Idej Elixe

Exhibition samples are fossils of various types and sizes: from the remains of ancient animals to petrified flowers. The museum complex operates a research center, whose specialists study the diversity of life.

Official website: https://www.mcgill

15. Pointe Museum -a-Callière

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

The Eperon building, part of the Pointe-à-Callières museum complex in Montreal Jean Gagnon

The date of foundation of the center of archeology is 1992. It is located in the central part of Old Montreal. As part of Pointe-à-Calier: scientific rooms, conference rooms, multimedia auditoriums and rooms with permanent and temporary exhibitions-opening days.

Official website: https://pacmusee< /p>

16. Biosphere

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Panorama of the Biosphere in Jean Drapeau Park, Saint Lawrence River in Montreal

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Biosphere Museum inside the steel rod geodesic dome in Parc Jean-Drapeau David Wilson

A vivid example of what every traveler should visit in Montreal. The original museum on Helena opened in 1990 and continues to explore the resources of the St. Lawrence River. A spherical building with numerous engineering structures looks like a huge soap bubble made of metal lace. A trip to the biosphere will be memorable even if you only look at the building from the outside.

Official website: https://www.canada.

17. Montreal Science Center

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Montreal Science Center at King Edward Pier in the Old Port of Montreal Frankie Roberto

All exhibits from this museum showcase modern technology and scientific discoveries. The building is located in the old Montreal port. Opening date – 2000. The main goal of founding the center is to popularize scientific thinking and science.

Official website: https://www.montreal

18. Planetarium

< p>Montreal Attractions: Top 26

The futuristic building of the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium in Montreal Mtlfiredude

The oldest planetarium in the country (started in 1966), and at the same time the largest. The complex is designed to receive 375 guests at the same time. Thanks to the powerful Zeiss projector installed here, visitors can look at galaxies, black holes, stellar bodies and solar systems. In addition, film screenings are held using modern multimedia systems: films about the creation of the universe, about space flights, about meteorites are shown. The local shop offers goods on the theme of space and astronomy: souvenirs, books, etc.

Official website: http://espacepourlavie

19. La Ronde Amusement Park

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

View from the Jacques Cartier bridge to the La Ronde entertainment complex for the whole family in St. Helena MB-one

Where to go in Montreal with children? In a unique amusement park, opened in the middle of the 20th century. Currently, the owners of La Ronda are Americans, so many of the attractions and fun here are appropriate: railways, Chu Chu train, carousels. On the territory there are many cafes with various fast food and ice cream. Large-scale fireworks competitions are organized on summer days.

Official website: https://www.sixflags.

20. Habitat 67

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Huge 146-unit residential complex “Habitat-67” of the 60s of the XX century in Montreal

A unique residential complex built in the city in the middle of the 20th century. In fact, it is a house consisting of cubes-apartments connected to each other in a different order. The architectural design of the building is such that each apartment has its own garden on the roof of another apartment. Even the best hotels in Montreal cannot boast such an unusual view.

Official website: http://www.habitat67.

Montreal attractions: what else to visit in Montreal?

We told you about the main attractions of Montreal briefly. However, the list of fascinating objects and noteworthy objects in the city does not end there:

21. “Underground City”

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

“Underground City” – a huge shopping center in Montreal Deror_avi

A complex of shopping galleries and shops, subway points, halls and tunnels, restaurants and cinemas, office space and even residential apartments. The center is underground. Let's just say that you can easily get lost here. On the other hand, it is easier to get to the desired point in Montreal without traffic jams using the Underground City.

22. Bonsecour Market

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Two-story Colonial-style Bonsecour Market in Old Montreal Gribeco

A two-story commercial building dating back to colonial times. This market can be called a paradise for shopping fans. There are many jewelry shops, boutiques, cafeterias and restaurants on the territory. Before being converted for commercial purposes, the center was used to house the offices of representatives of the Montreal administration.

Official website:http://www.marchebonsecours

23. Jean Talon Market

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Jean Talon Montreal Farmers' Market Stalls

A farmer's market where you can buy a variety of useful and healthy food products. Including all kinds of greens, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits. The cost of production, by local standards, is affordable and low. In addition to traditional products, there are exotic goods for tourists from our country, such as zucchini flowers.

Official website: https://www.marchespublics

24. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Canadian auto racing circuit on the artificial island of Notre Dame in the St. Lawrence river user magicfab

Canadian Formula One races are held at this circuit. Due to the presence of a long straight for acceleration, the highway is high-speed. Race cars can accelerate here up to 315 km. at one o'clock. On normal non-competition days, the circuit becomes part of the city streets.

Official website: https://www.gpcanada

25. Boulevard Saint- Laurent

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Trendy boutiques and restaurants on Boulevard Saint Laurent in the heart of Montreal Jeangagnon

Arriving in the largest city in the province of Quebec, stroll along the main artery of Montreal. There are a large number of cafes and shops, shopping and entertainment facilities on the boulevard. A special atmosphere of fun and liveliness reigns on the colorful street.

26. Botanical Garden

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Chinese Garden on the territory of the Botanical Garden in Montreal JustLiza

Montreal Attractions: Top 26

Plant Sculpture at the Montreal Botanical Gardens

Trees, shrubs and flowers from across Canada and around the world grow on site. The complex is divided into separate sections with their own theme, depending on the flora. There are the peaks of the Alps, Japan, China, etc. Ten years ago, the object, popular with guests and residents of the city, was recognized as a valuable natural monument of the state.

We talked about the main attractions of Montreal: photos with the names and descriptions of these places will allow you to create an excellent excursion route on your own.


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